Silicon Expert Part Information Management integration with CR-8000

Zuken and SiliconExpert have partnered to deliver critical component information to engineers within the CR-8000 and DS-CR design and library data environments. The integration enables engineers to make more informed component selection decisions while being able to gather and review a multitude of part information, resulting in higher quality products and lower overall costs in less time.  This will enable a smooth and efficient flow from part selection, through request and qualification to part introduction into the new projects being developed.

What you will learn:

  • The services and information available to make informed part selection decisions and requests to reduce engineering research and adoption timescales.
  • How you can improve part adoption through the procurement review and qualification process
  • How to reduce library management effort.
  • How to access enable a more efficient and productive design environment, to streamline the ECAD parts library management.

Learn from the experts

Oliver Hoffmann
EMEA Director, SiliconExpert

As a Computer Scientist Oliver Hoffmann has spent his career in both Consulting and Sales roles in innovative companies. Having built a strong curiosity for Digital Business and collected years of experience in Obsolescence Management throughout Europe, he is now leading the EMEA organization at SiliconExpert. His passion is sharing knowledge and insights into solving problems by applying data-driven decision-making. With the growing team of SiliconExpert, Oliver Hoffmann is sharing inspirations and fascinations with Small-to-Medium businesses as well as global Corporations.

Nikola Kontic
Solution Architect, Zuken

Nikola Kontic is a solution architect, working with Zuken’s electronic design products. He works closely with customers to understand their challenges and help them maximize product usage to meet their productivity and efficiency goals. Our aim is to both work in partnership and to provide the customer with the solutions to achieve success in their business and products.

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