Zuken Webinar - Solving the Digital Engineering puzzle

Solving the Systems Engineering, Digital Engineering, and MBSE Puzzle

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Today’s products are growing in complexity and driving change in how they are defined, designed, and manufactured. Product competitiveness requires an ever-increasing amount of electronics and software to satisfy the demand for more features, safety and connectivity. Achieving this new level of functionality necessitates better requirements, analysis, architecture optimization and continuous verification.

This is where systems engineering can help. Done well, the practice is essential to addressing the fuzzy front end of product development spanning initial need through architecture.  And systems engineering itself is transforming from document-centric practices to model-based systems engineering (MBSE) in order to increase its agility, efficiency, and effectiveness.

But systems engineering in isolation is not enough. To address the complexity and change of today, requirements, architecture, detailed design, analysis, optimization, and verification must come together in a connected, continuous lifecycle of digital engineering. This webinar will discuss the relationship between systems engineering, digital engineering, and MBSE in creating the framework we need to deliver complex products.

What you will learn:

  1. The value of systems engineering as we address complexity and change
  2. What model-based systems engineering is and isn’t
  3. See GENESYS demonstrated live for a practical perspective of MBSE in action
  4. The relationship between MBSE and digital engineering
  5. How digital engineering can improve our design and verification efforts

Who should attend:

Engineering managers, product managers, design and test engineers, and all those interested in the transition to connected digital engineering means.


Name: David Long

Title: President

Company: Vitech

For over 25 years, David Long has helped organizations increase their systems engineering proficiency while simultaneously working to advance the state of the art. David is the founder and president of Vitech, where he leads the team in delivering innovative, industry-leading methods and software (CORE™ and GENESYS™) to help organizations engineer next-generation systems. He co-authored A Primer for Model-Based Systems Engineering and delivers keynotes and tutorials around the world. An INCOSE Fellow and Expert Systems Engineering Professional, David was the 2014-2015 president of INCOSE. In his spare time, David loves to talk about Virginia Tech sports.

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