Cabinet Design and Manufacturing Ecosystem

Cabinet Design and Manufacturing Ecosystem


Advanced 2D and 3D Control Cabinet Design

E3.series cabinet design solution(E3.panel) offers a connected solution to efficiently create designs to drive manufacturing, assembly, and service operations. The built-in design-for-manufacturing functions enable capturing data required to unlock the true potential of digitalization. Partnerships with leading controls design, manufacturing, assembly and service solutions create a robust ecosystem to take teams to new levels of productivity​.

Advanced 2D and 3D Control Cabinet Design

Smart Cabinet Building


Design in 2D for Results in 3D

E3.panel provides the game-changing ability to work in a familiar 2D environment while still taking advantage of all the benefits 3D cabinet design offers. Electrical engineers predominantly create logical designs in 2D. Although designing in 3D has massive benefits, the overhead of learning complex 3D mechanical tools is a significant drain on productivity for cabinet designers.

The E3.panel unlocks substantial time savings with the most practical solution for electrical engineers. Any change simultaneously in the project occurs in 2D and 3D without forcing a rigid workflow. The option to produce complete 3D representations and multiple 2D views ensures clear and accurate documentation is only a click away.

Electrical Cabinet Design

Utility and Switchgear Design


Interactive placement and 3D Collision Control

Interactive Placement and 3D Collision Control

Intelligent automatic snapping points help designers place parts in their correct location. The active design rule checks with keep-out and height restrictions prevent collisions. Using JT, VRML, or STEP AP203/214, all 3D data is readily transferable to 3D mechanical systems.

E3.panel simplifies mechanical collisions checks with the use of simplified models along with 3D models for enhancing visualization. This functionality enables full digital mock-ups to assess spacing requirements, clash detection, and error prevention.

Connected Manufacturing

Automatic Wire Routing

The automatic wiring option in E3.panel+ eliminates many common challenges of traditional cabinet design. The automatic wiring considers wiring duct space, current chains, wire size, and logical connectivity in calculating the routes. The application checks duct fill capacity for wires and reroutes as required to ensure wiring standards are maintained.

The advanced algorithm with configurable options ensures consistent wiring to match the requirements of diverse cabinet applications. The 1:1 scale of the E3.panel provides accurate wire lengths and wire termination details to feed cutting-edge automated manufacturing processes.


Automatic Wire Processing

3D Panel - Zuken USA

BOM Wiring - Zuken USA

Automatic BOMs and Wire Lists

E3.series produces B.O.Ms and wire lists automatically with the help of precise parts data in the library, a single source project with logical and physical connectivity, and accurate wire lengths. The smart design processes automate wire, wire termination, and peripheral device selections.

The reporting options facilitate multiple reporting formats and configurations. For instance, it is easy to switch between representing cabinet assemblies as individual parts or combined assembly numbers. Multiple configurable reporting options empower engineering teams to produce a complete production and assembly package.

Report Generator

Connected Manufacturing

Connect to PLC systems

Although complex and challenging, PLCs are ubiquitous in automation and control applications. E3.series makes it easy to connect and manage these complex PLC systems. Connecting to PLC configuration solutions from manufacturers enables a streamlined digital workflow.

The initial and incremental communication options ensure up-to-date data across applications. Industry-standard communication options like the AutomationML interface allow the engineers to connect logical wiring and PLC configurators to eliminate errors and avoid rework.

PLC Connections

Connect to PLC systems​


Auto-Sync schematic and Cabinet

The physical layout of the cabinet is a representation of the logical connectivity in the schematic and not a disconnected artifact. E3.series platform with its connected single source project philosophy automatically ensures consistency across multiple drawing types and views.

For instance, changing a terminal part number replaces the cabinet model automatically if the mounting and space allocation is valid. Any parts added in the cabinet and instantaneously available in the schematic to create logical connections. The versatility of starting design in the schematic, cabinet, or rough functional layout helps teams incorporate the best practices into current design processes.

Schematic Design

Clearance and Mounting Checks

The cutting-edge ability to define 3D data with detailed mounting parameters, clearance requirements, and space allocation assists design teams in creating accurate cabinet layouts. The interactive placement options run active design rule checks to improve quality and consistency.

E3.series provides live feedback for valid mounting locations and rejects incompatible parts from mating with each other. The 3D envelope of the components detects collisions while moving and placing elements in the cabinet. Designers save time with options to place multiple components at once.

Smart Cabinet Building

Capturing Manufacturing Details

Automate Drilling and Milling Machines​

Automate Drilling and Milling Machines

E3.panel provides optional tools to extract mounting and cut-out information from the design to drive automated drilling and milling machines. The accurate 3D data from STEP models and detailed mounting descriptions help E3.panel users create high-quality cabinet layouts. The design rule checks help validate the cabinet design’s form, fit, and function.

The intelligent design data is available to drive downstream manufacturing and assembly automation. Connect to leading intelligent cabinet manufacturing machines with flexible data export options.

Smart Cabinet Building

Automate Wire Processing and Assembly

E3.panel application captures accurate wire lengths and termination information to enable next-generation manufacturing automation. The digital data drives highly automated wire cutting and processing machines from vendors like Schleuniger, Komax, and Argus.

Connect to leading labeling, marking, and other printing options for wires and devices with the help of configurable output formats. The detailed, consistent cabinet design process in E3.series produces clear assembly instructions and automation options. Configurable reporting tools help extract engineering data to utilize the latest automation technologies.

Smart Cabinet Building

Wire Processing

Cabinet Design and Manufacturing Ecosystem

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