Zuken’s E3.series is Becoming the Tool of Choice for Motorsport


M-Sport race team adopts Zuken’s E3.series for electrical design

2 November 2016 – Munich, Germany & Westford, MA, USA – Over the past year Zuken has seen a significant increase in the uptake of its E3.series electrical design tool within the motorsport sector. OEMs and suppliers, such as harness manufacturers, are citing a ripple effect that is causing companies to consider adopting E3.series based on word-of-mouth recommendations about the tool’s flexibility, ease of adoption and increased productivity.

M-Sport, a rally and racing team based in Cumbria, UK, is the latest company to follow suit. The company has run Ford’s World Rally programme since 1997, and with around 200 employees is a large operation by motorsport standards.

Across Europe and the US, Zuken supports a number of prestigious racing teams using E3.series. At the other end of the spectrum, Zuken backs fledgling motorsport engineers through the Formula Student program.

With motorsport one of the key things is flexibility and being able to do things quickly, which is why we chose E3.series.

Mark Aitken Design Engineer at M-Sport

Harness manufacturers who have started using E3.series in the past 12 months include: HCI SystemsTeepee Electrical and Racetech.

Digital design flow

“With motorsport one of the key things is flexibility and being able to do things quickly, which is why we chose E3.series,” explains Mark Aitken, Design Engineer at M-Sport. “We are also looking forward to saving lots of time with the automatic checking features – no more poring over printouts checking wire connections!”

M-Sport decided to integrate their electrical and mechanical designs using a digital design flow because of increased production. They were looking to save time on manual and duplicate data entry, as well as gain an increase in design quality.

The company is also expecting to achieve productivity benefits for manufacturing through being able to generate bills of materials straight away by integrating E3.series with their existing parts system.

M-Sport worked with High Peak Systems, a leading UK-based reseller and support partner of mechanical and electrical computer aided design software solutions, for its purchase and ongoing support of E3.series.

For further information about M-Sport see www.m-sport.co.uk

For more about harness manufacturers using E3.series, see:

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