AI/AR and Machine Learning


New opportunities for early-adopting manufacturers

Cloud computing, big data, augmented reality and artificial intelligence (AI) are opening up new opportunities for early-adopting manufacturers seeking to create smarter machines and processes.  Zuken has ongoing R&D programs focused on developing new applications leveraging latest advancements in these areas. Using the 3D models generated by our design and engineering tools, we expect to be able to offer users the chance to visualise their product in an augmented reality environment before handing them over for manufacturing.



Virtual and Augmented Reality for Wire Harness Design

E3.Harness Analyzer is our first product that offers an immersive experience for viewing KBL-based automotive wiring harnesses in augmented reality. This world-first AR harness digital twin was launched at the Automotive Wire Harness Conference in March 2018 in Germany.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for PCB Design

Machine learning offers significant opportunities for solving routing and component placement challenges in PCB design. Current R&D approaches include setting up an automatic system for self-learning, as in the Deep Mind project AlphaGo Zero. We are evaluating how to measure routing success, since human opinion on the most superior routing solution for any given situation can differ widely. Neural networks offer a way of classifying data being presented to the routing system – one of the greatest challenges to creating a robust machine learning environment.


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