AI Based PCB Place and Route

AI-Based PCB Place and Route


AI-Based PCB Place and Route is All About Machine Learning

Zuken recently announced the world’s first AI-based PCB place-and-route software. Dr Kyle Miller, head of the AI development team at Zuken, explains the specific challenges that need to be solved when realizing AI-based PCB design software and gives an insight into the current status and future roadmap of Zuken’s AI-based PCB design solution.

What you will learn

  • The specific challenges of AI in PCB design
  • Zuken’s  approach to AI
  • Status quo and roadmap of Zuken’s solution
  • Selected demo examples

Who should attend

  • Hardware engineering managers
  • Hardware design engineers
  • PCB layout engineers
  • Anyone interested in AI-based design


Kyle MillerDr. Kyle Miller – Research Development and Product Manager, Zuken

Dr. Kyle Miller is head of Zuken’s AI-based development for PCB design and other technologies to revolutionize electronic design processes.

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