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The automotive industry worldwide is undergoing widespread change and Zuken plays an important role in helping automotive manufacturers meet their targets. In fact Zuken has a market share of around 40 percent worldwide in the area of electrical schematics in automotive.

Special Vehicles

Special Vehicles

Off-highway or special purpose vehicles pose an interesting challenge to engineers. Depending on the vehicle there is usually a combination of electrical and fluidic requirements, distributed control systems, control panels, cable harnesses and hydraulic controls all of which need to be designed and documented.

E3.series’ combined electrical and fluid functionality has made it the chosen tool for numerous customers in the agricultural, construction and public service vehicle industries. Whether designing combine harvesters, backhoes or fire trucks, E3.series will help improve your design processes.



Plant and Machinery 

Machinery and automation are among the most important innovation drivers in our economy. Securing and developing a competitive edge for companies in these industries requires continuous growth of the industry’s R&D capabilities.

Electrical and electronic engineering play a pivotal role in this endeavor, seen by a rapid increase in patent applications in this area over the past decade.

As electrical and electronics engineering drive innovation in the industrial equipment sector, companies in this market are working to address a number of challenges to help maximize their capabilities and gain a competitive edge.

Consumer Electronics

 Consumer electronics

Zuken is a leader in the consumer electronics market with a dominant market share in Japan from where Zuken origintated in 1976.

Engineering groups continue to deal with the challenge of implementing the latest technologies and still maintain product quality and delivery schedules. As the complexity of the requirements increase, so does the difficulty in managing the development of a product as a complete system.

Zuken’s solutions for PCB design are developed with these challenges in mind and are future-proof to ensure they address the needs of today and tomorrow. With more than 35 years of experience providing innovative and market-leading solutions, and as a trusted partner with many leading companies around the globe, Zuken continues to deliver reliable and breakthrough solutions.