Advanced SI/EMC/PI Design Rule Checks

EMC Adviser EX

Advanced SI/EMC/PI Design Rule ChecksEngineers and designers use EMC Adviser to conduct signal integrity, EMC and power integrity-based checks directly within Design Force. Users can select and configure between 36 rules in 6 categories, generate check results, cross-probe and highlight within the design, and create summary reports.

Users can quickly resolve common signal quality issues during board layout using the integrated design guidelines. EMC Adviser’s guidelines offer design issue resolutions, enabling non-expert users to solve complex problems and save time for their SI and EMC/Power Integrity engineer colleagues.


CR-8000 Design Force EMC Adviser

EMC Adviser includes checks for:

  • Trace shielding coverage
  • Closed and open signal loops
  • Trace mitering
  • Trace over split planes
  • Via coverage on power and ground planes
  • Decoupling capacitor placement