Digitally Guided Assembly

Selection and assembly of individual parts for modular assemblies

E3.AssemblingCockpit - Digitally Assisted Assembly of Control Cabinet Components

E3.AssemblingCockpit helps the worker in the assembly department to select and assemble the individual parts for modular connector assemblies and other components that today have to be assembled from comprehensive parts kits.

Assemble modular components

Digital assembling assistance

Configurable allocation of devices

Export to PDF or Excel

Search, select, assemble

The components for modular connector assemblies and other complex components have to be assembled manually from comprehensive component kits today. E3.AssemblingCockpit assists workers in the selection and assembly process by assembling the required components for the selected assembly unit in a structured and easy to understand manner. For a cable connector, for example, the connector housing, the chassis, and the connector inserts need to picked and assembled.


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