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Products that are assembled and tested away from the design location or at an end-users site often require modifications. Documenting this can be very time consuming, as all changes need to be re-drawn in the original files. If this is carried out manually on a print-out it sometimes becomes illegible and might be incomplete.

By using E3.redliner, designed for the use at the construction site, all modifications can be added as a graphical overlay to the original E3.series design or to a special viewer file. The modification references are delivered to the development department via a red liner file. Special search functions make it easy to find the modifications in the original design, which the engineer then integrates into the main design file. This ensures consistency between the original documentation and the product installed in the field.

Datasheet: E3.series Viewer Family

E3.view, E3.viewPlus, E3.redliner


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May 14, 2020
Zuken Announces New Release of Harness Builder for E3.series

Harness Builder 2020 for E3.series reduces time to manufacture and improves design accuracy with new features for auto-placement of labels, entering pre-defined cable lengths, cable tolerancing, and additional support for third-party testing and manufacturing equipment.

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E3.series 2020 Release Update

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April 17, 2020
Paperless Engineering with E3.WiringChecks and E3.WiringCockpit

Paperless engineering improves accuracy, traceability, and schedule.  Communication gaps riddle engineering companies, and E3.series tools E3.WiringChecks and E3.WiringCockpit is here to facilitate communication between design, checking, commissioning, technicians, and all parties involved after the initial design.  Engineering design is only as good as the downstream stakeholders who check, build, and verify it, and these tools ensure everyone’s input is implemented accurately and completely.

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April 15, 2020
Simplify MCAD Integration for Wire Harness Design

Do you need to move data back and forth between your MCAD and harness design tools and processes?  Design processes that span multiple tool domains require design data to move from one domain to the other to resolve and verify design elements. But, moving data between the two domains can be problematic.  This webinar will look at the challenges and solutions for bridging MCAD and wire harness design.

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January 28, 2020
3D Wire Harness Topology Exploration and Optimization

This webinar will cover optimizing wire harness designs to meet targeted weight and cost objectives which is a complex and challenging task. One of the most time-consuming aspects is the consolidation of different data sources into one consistent representation.

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