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Harness Builder for E3.series

Harness Builder for E3.series supports the custom wire and cable harness market. This E3.series integrated module is purpose-built for harness manufacturers. Harness manufacturers are empowered to create accurate quotations/estimates, full nail board/pegboard documentation, drive testing, digital assembly, and automated wire preparation machines. Quickly document a complete harness from drawings or wirelist. Manage datasheets and additional manufacturing instructions. Automatically drive pricing information, lead time, and assembly time calculations from design elements.


Harness Builder for E3.series

Define the manufacturing length of any segment in full-scale drawings

Bill of Materials (B.O.M.), Cost Estimates and wire schedules reflecting all changes and additions

Automate harness support and documentation

Communicate with testing, wire processing, and automated assembly machines

Harness Builder 2021 - What's New

Harness Builder 2021 for E3.series introduces enhancements to augment, automate and improve wire harness design modularization and manufacturing documentation. In 2021, our user base is driving the majority of the features and updates to improve productivity in all areas of the design process.

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Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Intelligent Library Accurate Cost Estimates Intelligent Bill of Materials Splice Documentation for Sonic Welders Direct Import/Export from/to Manufacturing Enhanced manufacturing automation Automated Harness Documentation and Testing

Comprehensive Intelligent Library

Harness Builder for E3.series comes with a comprehensive set of component libraries containing thousands of components. The intelligent parts make it possible for a layout builder to select and match wire sizing and optimize terminal selection. The harness bundle diameter can drive the selection of labels, sleeves, and cable protection from the library.

Automatic creation of connector tables, manufacturing, and displayed wire lengths are enabled while applying logical stretching and compression routines. Manipulate harness branches intelligently with dedicated easy to use tools. The consistency of data is the cornerstone of all E3.series design solutions. Schematic, formboard, and other documentation views are always in sync. Bill of materials and wire listings are up to date.


Accurate Cost Estimates

Select and place connectors, terminals, wires, and cables and have Harness Builder for E3.series deliver a detailed documented list for design time, while highlighting long lead-time items. Export a user-defined comprehensive quotation for the total cost to build. Stockroom location is attached to the parts along with tooling requirements to manage a complete build inventory.


Intelligent Bill of Materials

Automatically generate a complete B.O.M driven by the project data. Various types of details, both explicit and implicit, are captured to maintain an up to date count of parts inside the project. The B.O.M automatically tracks components, wires, cable, looming parts, labels, splices, and other miscellaneous parts.

The B.O.M on a drawing sheet is formatted and configured as per user requirements. Furthermore, a user-defined excel template enables precise control over the format and content of the report for downstream consumption. The Wires, cables, labels, and loom are quantified based on length to provide accurate results. The link between the B.O.M and wire reports helps to maintain precise wire length and termination details.

Additional parts to the connectors are associated and easy to add to the B.O.M. without searching through O.E.M. or supplier documentation for part numbers. Elements hyperlink to PDF documents for information about sizing and terminal insertion.


Splice Documentation for Sonic Welders

Splicing is recognized as an integral part of the harness and manufacture creation. Harness Builder for E3.series will provide direct output, including barcodes for the ultrasonic welders. Left and right side welds are thoroughly detailed with the correct size heat-shrink selected for the fabricated weld.

Direct Import/Export from/to Manufacturing

Once a harness is created within Harness Builder for E3.series it can be directly exported to wire cutting and labeling machines from such vendors as Schleuniger, Komax, and Argus. The labels can also be printed on all popular label machines such as Brady, Brother and Hewlett Packard. Output user format is easy to create and deploy. An Excel form/to list can be used to directly import the wiring list. Parts will be automatically selected from the library and wires and cables attached. Design rule checking will notify the user if the correct terminal pin to fit the connector has been selected.

Enhanced manufacturing automation

Harness Builder for E3.series is loaded with an augmented list of direct import and export functions linking multiple manufacturing automation platforms.

Once a harness is complete, the manufacturing details are available to drive wire cutting and labeling machines from such vendors as Schleuniger, Komax, and Argus. The labels can also be printed on all popular label machines such as Brady, Brother, and Hewlett Packard. The output and user formats are easy to create and deploy. Additionally, several laser marking, labeling, and other printing options are readily available to drive manufacturing automation.

Manufacturing assembly aids like ‘Projection Works’ are driven directly from the harness assembly to enable smart manufacturing processes.

Automated Harness Documentation and Testing

An Excel form/to list enables importing the wiring list directly into a project. The parts, wires, and cables are loaded directly from the library. Design rule checking will notify the user if the correct terminal pin to fit the connector is selected.

The options to automate label placement, wire protection sizing, and tape placement further enhance the production quality of the harness.

Easily drive automated harness testing machines directly from the design details. The export options for Cirris, DIT-MCO, Dynalabs, CamiResearch, and Cable Scan provide an easy path to improved quality and time savings.

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