Data exchange with PLC programming environments

Parallel development of electrical, fluid engineering and PLC software

E3.PLCBridge - PLC data exchange

E3.PLCBridge is the E3.series application used for bidirectional exchange of PLC data between E3.series electrical and fluid projects and PLC programming software.

For E3.series electrical and fluid projects

Bbidirectional data exchange between E3.series projects and PLC programming software

Export and import modules for initial and incremental transfer of information

Automated allocation of attributes in the E3.series component database

Export and import modules for initial and incremental transfer

  • Hardware module type
  • Item designation
  • Physical addresses
  • Symbolic addresses
  • I/O comments
  • Start address
  • Component and device attributes
  • Pins and their configuration
  • Module layout

Available import/export modules for E3.PLCBridge

  • AutomationML Interface (a format specified by IEC 62424)
    • Certified interfaces for E3.series are available for Siemens TIA Portal, Mitsubishi MELSOFT Navigator and OMRON CX-Programmer
    • In addition, any PLC programming software that supports AutomationML format can be used to import/export data
  • B&R Automation Studio
  • ABB Automation Builde


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