E3.series Cloud Collaborator

Manage Wire Harness Project Data

Cloud Collaborator for E3.series

Secure Cloud Storage for Project Data

Cloud Collaborator for E3.series is a simple, cost-effective solution to manage, control, and securely store E3.series projects. Utilize cloud storage providers to manage E3.series projects without the overhead cost of an in-house IT infrastructure. Cloud Collaborator works in single-user mode with all E3.series design modules like E3.cable, E3.panel, E3.formboard, etc… Build teams, control access, and version control your E3.series designs.

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Setup Your Cloud Service Account

Cloud Collaborator for E3.series provides the customer with a choice of cloud service provider platforms.

  • Amazon Web Services S3 (Simple Storage Service) account or
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud

Cloud Collaborator for E3.series is compatible with E3.series 2019 and later versions (32-bit and 64-bit).

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Easy Project Configuration

The Cloud Collaborator desktop application provides robust project management for the entire team while reducing the administrative overheads typically associated with vaulting and access control solutions. Quickly add users, create teams, define user access privileges, set passwords, and define theme color and version increment type for your E3.series projects.

Powerful Data Management

Enjoy powerful data management with the convenience and security of cloud storage. Design check-in and check-out are done directly from E3.series. Cloud Collaborator provides change history and the ability to compare versions, so you know what changed graphically. When the project is complete, a release process is available to close the project for manufacturing.

Cloud Vault for E3.series provides revision control for manufacturing drawings.


Team Design Collaboration

Every design project has multiple stakeholders. The Cloud Collaborator provides redlining, project status, and team messaging for better communication.  Project changes can trigger a message or an email to stakeholders.  Generate PDFs for redlining and sharing across the team.  Cloud Collaborator can help eliminate errors and boost productivity.

Supported E3.series Options

The core module of the E3.series suite enables the creation of schematic diagrams for electrical control systems.

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Used for the general arrangement drawings of cabinet enclosures. Work in 2D or 3D, place devices, cable ducts and mounting rails, and prepare panels for manufacturing.

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Enhanced functionality for designing cables and cable harnesses. Different views of the design enable the creation of specific documents for production, start-up, and service.

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Supports the custom wire and cable harness market. The integrated module enables harness manufacturers to create accurate quotations and estimates, and full nail-board and peg-board documentation.

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An integrated design solution for hydraulics, pneumatics, cooling, and lubrication systems. Supports integrated electrical and fluid design.

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Creates build-to-print detailed 1:1 harness designs; linked dynamically to E3.cable drawings.

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Evaluate system harnesses early in the design flow for factors such as length, weight, and cost. Enables tradeoff analysis of harnesses and sub-harnesses to optimize manufacturing performance and cost.

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