E3.series Drawing Notes Manager


The E3.Drawing Notes Manager makes managing and automating notes generation in Zuken E3.series simpler than ever. It eliminates the need to manage individual notes, track attributes and manage free-text notes. Images inside the notes help augment the information and instructions making them more effective and streamlined.

Centrally managing notes of various types and interactively placing them in the desired location is sure to revolutionize the effectiveness of communicating design intent for production and beyond. Consistent communication of engineering principles and intent is a very important part of maintaining high-velocity operation without sacrificing quality or increasing costs.

Engineers have yearned for a solution to replace the equivalent of Post It notes on drawings and Zuken has responded with an amazing tool that is sure to boost productivity and increase their competitive advantage.



Why Do You Need a Notes Manager?

  • E3.Drawing Notes Manager eliminates the risk of managing notes from becoming excessively complicated, leading to questions, delays, and errors on the manufacturing end.
  • Manage instructions and provide essential notes within drawings and across the project.
  • Add images and other visual markers in the notes to decisively improves drawing comprehension.
  • Automatically assign unique note- numbers and hyper-link important Flagnotes to improve navigation and traceability.
  • Create nested notes for a complete and professional layout of important design data.
  • Re-use and share notes across design teams/projects to improve and maintain consistency.
  • Attach instructions to parts, symbols, and drawings to improve communication of engineering principles and design intent.

Ease of Use Standardization Time Savings

Ease of Use

An inbuilt editor helps users manage notes internally without relying on third-party applications. Multiple collections of notes can be managed to handle variances in requirements across projects.

  • Click a button to place notes at desired locations
  • Automatically manage note sequence and BOM numbers around objects
  • Manage notes on multiple levels like project, structure or drawing sheet
  • Create and manage hyperlinks for quick navigation


Drawing Notes Manager makes it easy for users to centrally manage all notes and categorize them based on standard or flag notes.

  • Augment notes with images and visual instructions
  • Five different note indicator shapes can be used to assist identification based on company standards
  • Note placement and control is configurable to ensure company standards can be followed with ease
  • Apply notes to components, devices as a standard library management procedure

Time Savings

Import notes from an external application or creates from scratch to create a standard repository.

  • Notes can be automatically numbered across multiple drawings.
  • Re-sequence the numbers as required without the risk of duplication with a click of a button.
  • Bulk editing and updates of notes to avoid managing individual drawing notes

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