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E3.Saber Frameway

E3.Saber Frameway integrates Synopsys’ Saber simulator with E3.series. This enables design engineers to create right-first-time robust wire harness and fluid designs, helping them address growing project complexity and time/quality constraints through early access to virtual prototyping results. The solution provides direct integration for the multi-domain simulation of cables, wire harnesses, hydraulics and pneumatics with the Synopsys’ Saber® Simulator. In addition to the benefits for the design engineer, the E3.Saber Frameway will also save time for specialist simulation engineers.

Benefits User-friendly Toolbar


  • Allows simulation engineers using Saber to perform accurate system-wide verification with E3.series project data
  • Saves time by enabling E3.series project data to be used directly in the Saber simulator, thereby eliminating the need to re-enter the project data into the simulation environment
  • Reduces time spent and the potential for errors by eradicating the need to send design updates manually between the simulation engineer and the design engineer
  • By using E3.cable library data for simulation in Saber, eliminate inaccuracies in a simulation that occur when separate libraries are out of date or not fully synchronized

Mechatronic systems employ ever more complex fluid and wiring which must be designed to stringent quality and performance standards. In order to succeed at cutting development time, the design of wiring and fluid systems must be started even before all targeted components are available as hardware. Therefore simulation is required from the very beginning of the development process to ensure compliance with project design goals.

System verification with simulation enables specifications to be validated prior to development through virtual prototyping. Simulation can be applied to verify system implementation and perform hardware prototype tests using software models. Virtual prototypes under a full range of test and verification scenarios can be investigated, and all variants at multiple levels can be verified. Through this approach, engineering processes are accelerated and quality is increased. The efficient handling of complex simulation tasks needed in this environment requires the integration of a powerful simulator into the CAE tool used for wiring and fluid design.

User-friendly Toolbar

Enable/disable objects for simulation
Show/modify simulation attributes
Modify netlister settings
Update simulation parameters from parts gallery
Launch Saber Book
Cross-probe with Saber
E3.series symbol library
Around 2,000 symbols aligned with Saber Parts Gallery

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