E3.series helps bring simple and complex designs to life while reducing process heads and improving productivity. Modern designs can get very complex, with multiple parts and design principles used in a distributed engineering environment. The permeance of rich data in all areas fuels growth all around us while the importance of simplicity has reached a crescendo.

E3.ConnectivityBrowser is a plugin that helps streamline the consumption of cable and wire data irrespective of the complexity in schematics. A standardized visualization of connected data is created on-demand with the ability to expand the scope as/when required. The information is from blocks and black boxes to create a dynamic hierarchical view of the design – ready for exploration.

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Simplification of the data model is the most striking benefit, among many that can be quickly realized…

  • Consistent and standardized diagrams driven by the schematic design data
  • Troubleshooting and verifying wiring connections
  • Incremental and logical exploration of design
  • Simply, easy to use UI

How It Works

E3.ConnectivityBrowser is an optional plugin inside Zuken’s E3.series. The system uses configurable mapping files to identify the detail and setup parameters for creating a simplified design visualization. The information is only displayed for connections with wires, and provides the ability to get more details about parts by navigating to the project parts list.

Options for exporting to PDF help you share simplified perspectives in complicated design environments. Any changes in data can be read; the visualization recreation is complete with a single click. The print option enables the easy capturing of data on paper.

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