Automatic visualisation of connection information

Automatically visualise connection information as circuit diagram representations

E3.ConnectivityBrowser - Automatically visualise connection information as circuit diagram representations

E3.ConnectivityBrowser is a technology available within the E3.series product family, which allows existing connection information to be automatically visualized as circuit diagram representations. E3.ConnectivityBrowser is an innovative solution from Zuken that allows the visualization of circuits for specific use cases. Using the connection data available in E3.series or connection information imported via a wire list, the required sections of a circuit can be prepared and displayed graphically in a fraction of a second.

Import of connection lists or KBL data

Consistent and standardised circuit diagram visualization

Verification and troubleshooting in service operations

Step-by-step and logical investigation of the design

Dynamic visualisation

The digital connectivity model is used directly for the visualization. This enables the representation to be generated in a way that meets the needs of individual users and use cases. Complex relationships can be  be visualized transparently and “on-the-fly”. Additional component attributes, connectors, pins, or wires can be visualized in dedicated information windows.



Analysis functionality

In addition to the basic visualization, the E3.ConnectivityBrowser also offers various analysis functions such as cable harness, functional, or signal consistency analyses. These help users identify design errors during release processes. Users can switch between a physical representation of a circuit diagram (e.g. separation points, ground points, etc.) and a purely logical visualization at the network level.

Cloud solution

A cloud-based application provides numerous opportunities, e.g. the distribution of circuit information within a service organization. The web implementation of E3.ConnectivityBrowser supports these tasks in a perfect way. The data from the authoring system can be made available online to the service technicians via a server in an intranet or via the Internet, and they can access it using a standard web browser.


Focus on the relevant context

Especially in a service scenario, it is important to display exactly the data that corresponds to the device or system that needs to be repaired. In addition to this, the data should be reduced to the relevant circuit diagram context, so that service technicians receive the information they need, without having to work their way through a static set of documents. The troubleshooting process can be additionally optimized by a direct link to diagnostic equipment

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