CR-8000 - Advanced PCB Design Software

CR-8000 is a suite of applications that span the entire PCB engineering lifecycle: from architecture planning through system level engineering and optimization, to physical implementation and manufacturing.

CR-8000 is the only PCB design environment complemented by data management capabilities, providing comprehensive library, module, configuration and release management.


CR-8000 - from architectural planning to physical implementation

CR-8000 is a product-centric electronic system design solution that provides the tools to optimize a design at both the IC and PCB design level. Product-centric design processes provide architectural validation of the design against product requirements. Product-centric detailed design includes 2D/3D multi-board design and implementation, FPGA I/O optimization, chip/package/board co-design, and 3D MCAD integration all in one design process.

Building blocks

Explore implementation approaches on a system level


Partition complex systems into multiple connected PCBs

IC package

Manage IC, package and PCB in one single environment

Data Management

Control releases, revisions and configurations with integrated data management

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From Concept to Manufacturing

The CR-8000 PCB design software is the only concept-to-manufacturing, multi-board design tool suite that has been developed from the start to address the unique requirements of today’s ever-increasing challenges in system-level design optimization.

The suite’s fully integrated design flow ranges from initial system planning, where critical design decisions are made about design partitioning, schematic capture, and circuit design and simulation, through to multi-board PBC layout with comprehensive design-for-manufacturing capabilities for optimized manufacturing outputs.



CR-8000 Design Solutions

System Level Design - from Concept to Manufacture

Functional design

CR-8000 is a comprehensive engineering and design environment that enables engineer to define and validate the architecture of new designs on a functional level using a mix of functional blocks that can be referenced to existing schematics.

System circuit engineering

Ensure design integrity and manufacturability with embedded simulation and analysis tools and powerful design rule checks.

Central constraint management

Save time and eliminate errors through centrally managed rules and constraints.

2D/3D multi-board design

Manage multiple board designs as a coherent system within the boundaries of their mechanical enclosures.

Chip package and PCB co-design

Create and optimize the layout of system-in-package (SiP), package-on-package (PoP) and package-in-package (PiP) assemblies in 2D and 3D in their target PCB environment.

Library and Design Data Management

Control releases, revisions and configurations with an integrated data management environment.

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CR-8000 Products

  • Products
octobre 01, 2018
System Planner

System Planner provides a system-level design environment for the architectural planning and optimization of electronic systems and products.

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Architecture Design and Validation
  • Products
octobre 01, 2018
Design Gateway

CR-8000 Design Gateway provides a platform for logical circuit design and verification of multi-board system-level electronic designs.

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System Level Circuit Engineering
  • Products
octobre 01, 2018
Design Force

CR-8000 Design Force is the fastest, most effective PCB layout solution available today. Design Force enables design teams to layout and verify their designs in the context of a complete system or product.

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3D Multi-board PCB Design
  • Products
janvier 03, 2019
Design Force Advanced Packaging

Design Force offers an intuitive, integrated environment for designing single and multi-die packages for wire-bond, flip-chip, and high density advanced packaging.

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IC Package and PCB Co-design
  • Products
octobre 01, 2018
DFM Center

With a robust set of features for data preparation and embedded verification to verify manufacturing specifications, DFM Center addresses the challenges of the manufacturing process.

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PCB Design for Manufacturing
  • Products
octobre 01, 2018

DS-CR supports the specific demands of PCB design data management. It combines multi-site library, design data, and configuration management capabilities into a unified engineering environment.

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PCB Design Data Management

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Just some of our satisfied CR-8000 customers

  • Case Study
septembre 26, 2018

Flexible and flexi-rigid PCBs are integral components within many of Renishaw’s products, and detailed signal integrity analysis is needed to ensure high speed digital signals can be transmitted with minimal distortion. Renishaw migrated to Design Gateway and Design Force, part of Zuken’s CR-8000 PCB design suite, primarily to help with the design and analysis of next-generation flexible PCBs.

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Better fit and impedance control for complex flexible PCBs in metrology instruments.
  • Case Study
septembre 26, 2018

Toshiba faced a difficult design problem: their TransferJet™ technology was embedded in a customer cell phone, and when the next rev of the phone they needed to shrink the board and the module thickness. On top of that, they had to add RF matching to simplify the adoption of the module. Toshiba used Zuken’s CR-8000 Design Force with ANSYS analysis tools to accomplish the project.

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significantly reduce product size with 3D chip, package, board co-design.

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  • Webinar
septembre 14, 2020
EMC for PCB Designers

In this presentation, an EMC minded PCB design approach is presented, allowing designers to understand which EMC rules will apply to PCB projects and how EMC analysis capabilities can be utilized in the CAD flow to reduce the risk of EMC compliance failure once the board is manufactured.

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  • Webinar
septembre 04, 2020
Engineering Requirements of IoT Devices

In recent years, the design of Internet of Things products became a major topic of interest. But mostly when discussing IoT aspects, the focus is on the software/application and the business-model side, neglecting the fact that PCBs are the core of - almost - every IoT device, with dedicated requirements for the design and analysis process.

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  • Webinar
juillet 06, 2020
Practical Signal Integrity for improved EMI Control in PCB Design

In our webinar we will provide an introduction to the challenges of signal integrity and the underlying physical effects. This will provide the basis for practical tips to address the related challenges during PCB design.

  • Webinar
juin 07, 2020
DS-CR smart working library management

This webinar will give a brief overview of the data management platform  DS-CR and show how it can be utilized to ensure that CR-8000 libraries continue to be managed to support models of remote working.

  • Webinar
juin 04, 2020
Constraint Specification in CR-8000

In this webinar the use of the Rule Stack Editor and Clearance Class in conjunction with the Constraint Browser will be explained step by step.

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  • Webinar
mai 04, 2020
Advanced IC Packaging and Co-Design with Design Force
Webinar, Design Force Advanced Packaging, CR-8000

Recent CR-8000 Blog Posts

  • Blog
juin 03, 2021
Is 3D Electronics Design keeping up with today's Trends?

For many years, the layout of a printed circuit board in 2D was sufficient for most mainstream technologies. Today, however, product developers in the electronics industry are facing new challenges, triggered by megatrends such as the Internet of Things. Can today's CAD tools deliver on today's advanced requirements and harness the power of new technologies?

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  • Blog
mai 20, 2021
Zuken joins Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium progressivKI

The BMWI is funding a multi-million Euro research consortium in the area of artificial intelligence research where Zuken is collaborating as one of the industry software partners.

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  • Blog
avril 08, 2021
EMC PCB Design: Anything but Black Magic

EMC problems are often responsible for re-design cycles in PCB design practice. Due to ever shorter innovation cycles of for example cell phones or IoT applications, such as fitness trackers or smartwatches, and many other electronic products, these time-consuming re-design cycles should be avoided under all circumstances.

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  • Blog
novembre 05, 2020
Printed circuit board shot into space

Since 2012, the FED has been honoring outstanding designers with the PCB design award. One of this year's winning designs was even into space.

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  • Blog
septembre 29, 2020
Tech Tip: How to Register a Command for the Tool List in CR-8000 Engineering Desktop

Many Designers are always asking Zuken how they can create their own user commands that will appear in the Tool List when doing a Right Mouse Button Click on a design under settings in the Engineering Desktop. User commands can be created and listed. This can be accomplished with minimal effort. It will be the designer’s responsibility to create a script that will be listed on the tool list.

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  • Blog
septembre 10, 2020
Powerful SI/PI/EMI PCB Simulation Environment Reduces Analysis Time by 86%

What do you do if your next project is high speed, with exceptionally stringent EMI requirements, and has to be complete in less time than you’ve ever developed a product before? When the Ontec team found themselves facing that predicament, they turned to Zuken. Why?

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