E3.ConnectivityBrowser - Automatic visualization of a digital connectivity data model

E3.ConnectivityBrowser - Interactive Demonstration

Spend just 10 minutes and experience this innovative solution yourself in our interactive web environment.

E3.Connectivity-Browser is the only application able to read a pure digital connectivity data model and generate automatically high-quality schematic diagrams on the fly.

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In the web environment there will be a guided tutorial and in parallel you can directly try out all presented functions.

At the end of this 10 steps tutorial (each step takes max. 1 minute) you can continue to experience the innovative solution E3.Connectivity-Browser with our prepared sample design as you have the powerful functionality of the tool available.

What to expect

Below is a short recording to illustrate what you can expect.

  • The interactive tutorial will start with an introduction movie outlining how software will work

  • The movie guide then shrinks to the corner of your browser and the main area becomes active, allowing you to interact with the software / components on screen, as shown below.

System Requirements

  • Screen Resolution: For best results, view at 1920 x 1080 pixels or greater

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