E3.series Component Cloud

Component Cloud for E3.series

Free access to validated component data

Secure Cloud Storage for Project Data

The Zuken Component Cloud for E3.series provides online access to free, validated, high-quality electrical component data to users of Zuken’s E3.series electrical design tools.

The Zuken Component Cloud for E3.series is provided through cooperation with CADENAS, a leading provider of online component libraries. Libraries are provided directly by the manufacturers of the respective electronic components. Each library entry is classified into one of three qualification levels.


How the E3.series Component Cloud works

This movie illustrates how to add missing parts to your E3.series database from the Component Cloud, using the E3.series plugin


Free, validated, high-quality electrical component data

Digital parts catalogs are available directly in Zuken’s CAE software and the required parts can be inserted with just a few clicks. The library data contain all important information like attachment points, symbols, alternative views, technical parameters, classifications, part numbers, etc.

In addition to material master data, all necessary electrical information is provided which is required for the creation of the circuit diagram, the switch cabinet layout, and wiring and for the creation of the cable harness.

E3.series Component Cloud

Certification Levels

Parts are provided in 2 certification levels labeled with a seal


Geometric component data

  • Material master data
  • Preview picture
  • Optional: 3D shape (STEP)



Geometrical Component data plus electrical characteristics

  • Component type (e.g. plug, cable, standard component, terminal, …)
  • Schematic symbols for electrified components. Mechanical components, such as end plates, are excluded
  • 3D representation with connection points
  • Master-slave relationships
  • Connection points with names and symbol and component assignments
  • Cross-section definitions at the connection points
  • Positioning information for the control cabinet
  • All eCl@ss component attributes
  • Mating connectors for plugged connection points
  • Connection type, connection direction, and a number of permitted wires at the connection point.
  • Slots for additional parts and information on restricted areas
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Optional Component Cloud Plugin

Zuken provides an optional free plugin application for E3.series customers that allows the user to access the Zuken Component Cloud directly from the E3.series user interface. Components loaded from the cloud will be automatically transferred to the component database without manual intervention.

Get the Component Cloud Plugin from ZGS

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