Electrical and wire harness design

Electrical CAD software has come of age with Zuken’s E3.series. This modular tool meets and exceeds the demands placed on it by a variety of disciplines.

  • Design and documentation of wire harnesses and cable assemblies
  • Design and documentation of control systems and panel layouts
  • Fluid design for hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Zuken's E3.series delivers intelligence and integration that is required in today's design environments into your design process.



Software solutions for electrical wire harness, control systems and fluid engineering 

  • For wire harness, control systems, cable assembly, fluid design and cabinet layout engineering
  • Fast, efficient and accurate design and manufacturing process through intuitive Windows®-based electrical CAD tools
  • Improve quality, reduce number of errors and eliminate data transfer through an advanced, integrated, object-oriented CAD engine. Optional integration with ERP, PLM and other enterprise business systems.



Engineering data management for E3.series

  • Data Management - E3.EDM supports E3.series data in native form, enabling complete control of your project.
  • Product Structure Management - E3.EDM manages the structure of E3.series designs, including material management, dependencies (where-used information), and library management.
  • Workflow and Process Management - E3.EDM comes with pre-defined electrical engineering workflows that can be modified to suit your individual requirements.
  • Project Management - E3.EDM provides the project manager with functionality that supports his or her task, like: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), scheduling and resource management.