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MCAD and Enterprise Collaboration


Simplify MCAD and Enterprise Collaboration

The ECAD, MCAD, and business systems must connect seamlessly to support the creation of the coveted digital twin of a product. The E3.series design platform combines industry-leading enterprise electrical design tools with collaboration tools to communicate with MCAD and business systems. 

The  DS-E3 solution connects E3.series to leading PLM and PDM solutions to keep the engineering data in sync with the business systems. 

The enterprise collaboration options provide a robust and secure framework for electrical engineers to work on the same project; live updates ensure consistency with minimal overheads. 

Simplify MCAD and Enterprise Collaboration​

MCAD Collaboration

E3.series interfaces with all leading MCAD tools to enable concurrent product design. Electrical engineers can collaborate with the mechanical design teams using the bi-directional interface of E3.series E3.3DRoutingBridge. The flattening options in E3.series simplify using a 3D harness model to drive formboard drawings for manufacturing.

The versatile workflow helps electrical teams work independently or collaboratively to match project requirements. E3.series supports industry-standard cable and harnesses information sharing formats to ensure a smooth communication process. Advanced 3D conversion tools and analysis options help utilize the strengths of MCAD design systems to streamline the electrical design.


MCAD Collaboration

Cross-team and cross-site collaboration​

Cross-team and cross-site collaboration

The foundational elements of E3.series are the ability to maintain data consistency across projects in teams of all sizes. The collaboration options start with the library database shared across users. The database-driven collaboration option in E3.series helps multiple users across teams and sites to work together on the same project.

The real-time updates across the project eliminate errors and provide context to the designers. The project is stored and actively hosted from a SQL or Oracle server.

E3.series Enterprise

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Standardized Shared Parts Library

An intelligent shared library is a key part of improving consistency and establishing a common platform for success. The object-oriented library forms the heart of the solution in E3.series. The library is shared across multiple users and captures parts and standards.

The online parts portal and standard manufacturer parts databases are a great starting point. Furthermore, the content and data structures are easily customizable to match a variety of design verticals.

Component Cloud

Standardized shared parts library

Standardized shared parts library

Data Management with DS-E3​

DS-E3 is Zuken’s next-generation data management system for electrical design data. It provides electrical design and manufacturing engineers with current, validated libraries, design data, and BOM information.

Built on industry-standard object-oriented architecture, DS-E3 is fully equipped to integrate into existing PDM/ PLM and ERP environments, providing a true electromechanical data model with full visibility of electrical designs down to component level.


Product Lifecycle Management

DS-E3 enhances the existing PLM systems instead of replacing them. In a typical scenario, DS-E3 manages work-in-progress design data. Once design milestones are achieved, BoM information synchronization connects and updates the PLM system. DS-E3 integrates with all major PLM and ERP systems and provides SOA-based “plug & play” connectors. In addition, generic integration APIs are available for other third-party systems.

The integration between DS-E3 and third-party PLM environments is bi-directional. It includes synchronizing material data, bill-of-materials information, and related documents. Variant flows to generate 100% BoM and documentation from a 150% BoM further streamlines the design-to-manufacturing process.

Product lifecycle management ​

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