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E3.series Release 2022

Enhanced digital workflow for cabinet, cable, and wire harness designs. Enable the digital twin creation to drive smart manufacturing and assembly processes.

Find out what's new in E3.series Release 2022

E3.series release 2022 focuses on enhancing the digital twin creation process to promote a digital-first workflow for accelerating the adoption of automated assembly and smart manufacturing solutions. The latest release includes over 50 new features and enhancements to boost reliability, efficiency, and productivity.

The latest updates cover the entire electrical design spectrum from schematic, cabinet, automation, and wire harness design. Improved 3D Visualization of parts and wires aims to simplify the assembly process. Capturing additional manufacturing details enhances automated manufacturing processes. New active and passive design rule checks are driving quality improvements. The Component Cloud provides access to supplier parts data as well as additional API’s are also included.

E3 series release 2022 - overview

Cabinet Design

E3 series 2022 update - overview of electrical cabinet features

Handle busbars with ease

E3.series release 2022 introduces new component categories to E3.panel. Dynamic models and functions have been improved to allow busbar representation in cabinet design. Busbars have a new dedicated component type in the library and new functionality in the schematic and cabinet. New functions enable connecting directly to a busbar and placement on a busbar resulting in easier to manage busbar connectors, taps, and power distribution components that mount directly on the busbar. Representing the busbar in a 3D cabinet provides an accurate digital twin for downstream assembly and manufacturing.

Comfortable 2D design with 3D Benefits

New 3D visualization options to E3.panel allowing individual view sections of a cabinet in 3D are introduced with the E3.series release 2022. The individual sheet 3D option is in addition to the visualization of all the cabinets in a project together. The new visualization options aim to empower manufacturing and assembly processes to visualize the cabinet design easily. Designers can design in 2D and get the result in 3D, eliminating overhead while still benefitting from the form, fit, and functional checks of 3D design.

E3 series release 2022 - 3d cabinet visualisation

Wire collision checking example - E3.series 2022 release

New Automatic Routing Options to Avoid Collisions

Additional collision avoidance rules to E3.panel, are introduced with the E3.series release 2022.  The update improves the accuracy and performance of the existing auto routing option for cabinet design. The enhancements to the automatic wire routing algorithm in E3.panel adds additional options to check for wire collisions with components, pins, and restricted areas. The routing parameters are configurable to help users customize the wire routing options and maintain the accuracy of wire length calculations.

Cable and Wire Harness Design

Prefabricated Multicore Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses 

E3.series release 2022 introduces a simplified handling of prefabricated multicore cables to E3.cable. By treating them as assemblies with options to define connectivity in the parts library , these assemblies are made available in the project with predefined connectivity and physical characteristics. The option to lock the attributes of the multicore cables eliminates unintended alteration in the project. The added flexibility of defining one or more connections inside the assembly enables the creation of complex cables and wire harnesses.

Prebricated multicore cable cable assemblies - E3 series 2022 release

Assign sub-circuits - E3.series 2022 Release

Assign Sub-circuits to Any Component  

A simplified design modularization to E3.cable is introduced with the E3.series release 2022. With the help of powerful and easy-to-use design reuse options, E3.series 2022 greatly enhances the design reuse process providing the ability to assign sub-circuits to any component. Designers can now choose between placing standardized design or symbols attached to a component.

Segment Diameter Calculation

E3.cable excels when it comes to accurately calculating the outer diameter of sections or bundles of a wire harness. The E3.series release 2022, enhancements include a sophisticated update to the packing algorithm, significantly reducing calculation time. Designers can now report the diameters of various segments in a wire harness using an always up-to-date display text without affecting the application performance.

Wire Harness Bundle diameters - E3.series release 2022

New cable quality checks - E3.series release 2022

New Active and Passive Design Rule Checks (DRCs)

E3.cable provides users with active and passive design rules to automatically prevent common design errors. E3.series release 2022 adds multiple new active and passive checks to further reduce and eliminate design errors. For instance, the active check stops designers from accidentally plugging pins with different pin names.

Quality and Productivity

New Options for Cable and Harness Lengths

E3.cable connector tables update the relevant information automatically to maintain error-free documentation. E3.series release 2022 latest enhancements increase the options for displaying attributes and parameters in the connector tables. The users can now select the source of length information from segments or the overall length of the physical wires. This allows dynamic updates with less user intervention.

Update harness lengths - E3.series 2022 release

Improved dimension options for graphics E3.series release overview

Improved Dimensioning Options for Graphics

E3.series release 2022 introduces updates to E3.schematic, E3.formboard, and E3.cabinet so designs benefit from the updated dimensioning options for symbol graphics. The latest update adds finer control over dimensioning points to augment assembly and manufacturing drawings.

Bulk Data Tables in Viewer

The bulk data tables in E3.series are potent tools for users to consume and edit information during the design process. Previously the tables were only available in the standard E3.series modules. E3.series release 2022 update make the table available in read-only mode for the E3.viewE3.viewPlus, and E3.redliner applications








Bulk data tables in views - E3.series release 2022 width=

Dynamically combine attributes - E3.series release 2022

Dynamically Combine Attributes

Improvements to the parts library database structures are introduced with the E3.series release 2022. It unlocks he ability to combine multiple E3.series Text Types into a single text entity. It dramatically improves and simplifies the creation of new display and reporting options. Now, with the help of configurable text types, users can avoid manually combining multiple texts to customize the data displayed on drawings.









Library and API


The E3.ComponentCloud provides free access to supplier parts data. Users on active support receive parts data in three simple classification options’ Basic’, ‘Certified,’ and ‘Premium.’ The data availability is improving rapidly, with even the ‘Basic’ classification of parts providing a significant advantage, especially in 3D cabinet design. The 3D step data from multiple manufacturers simplify the model creation process in E3.series.

E3.series integration with Component Cloud -2022 release

E3.series API improvements - E3.series release 2022

Application Programming Interface

E3.series release 2022 introduces new functions and commands that are also covered in the application programming interface (API), a standard part of the E3.series configuration. The API interface enables access and modification of existing data from an E3.series project and adds new data to the project. It is used by Zuken’s E3.series add-on programs and by customers and partners who use its functionality to exchange data with an E3 project.