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    Graphical Pin Manager - FPGA/PCB Co-Design


    Engineers continue to embrace programmable logical devices within their product designs in numerous applications across a wide range of industries. With FPGAs incorporating embedded processors, memory blocks and DSP functions, they are an attractive, low-cost option for many designs.

    CR-5000 Dragon


    A new approach to autorouting for users of CR-5000.

    CR-5000 XDF Viewer


    The XDF Viewer from Zuken is a web browser based tool that allows departments to view and verify current design data and associated errors performed by the CR-5000 ADM checks against the board data created by CR-5000 Board Designer and the manufacture panel data generated by CR-5000 Board Producer.

    CR-5000 Board Designer


    Zuken’s CR-5000 Board Designer is an intuitive, integrated environment for designing PCBs, BGAs and MCMs. With support of 3D utilities and viewers for HDI and advanced packaging, Board Designer offers one solution for all board technology needs.

    CR-5000 Board Interchanger - Parallel Mechanical & PCB Design


    Zuken, provider of the state-of-the-art CR-5000 PCB design and verification platform, has recently partnered with leading MCAD system provide Dassault Systemes, integrating Zuken’s interactive PCB design functionality within Dassault’s CATIA V5 solution.

    CR-5000 Board Modeler - Bridging MCAD to ECAD


    Board Modeler bridges the process between the MCAD and the ECAD design flow by offering a common platform to communicate between the two disciplines.

    CR-5000 Board Producer


    The production of accurate manufacturing data is critical in achieving rapid time-to-market and the highest possible product quality.

    Design Gateway - Circuit engineering


    Design Gateway is Zuken’s platform for logical circuit design and verification of single and multi-board system-level electronic designs.



    The use of common library data throughout the whole design cycle is an essential element of the CR-5000 constraints-driven, right-by-construction methodology.

    CR-5000 Lightning High-Speed Design


    As an integral part of the CR-5000 tool suite, Lightning is the key to getting rapid, accurate results, coupled with first-rate Signal Integrity and EMC.

    CR-5000 Lightning Verify (Signal Integrity)


    Lightning Verify offers a complete concurrent and post-layout signal integrity solution that enables engineers, layout designers and specialists within a development team to collaborate, organize, constrain, and verify their design in a seamless process.

    CR-5000 Lightning Power Integrity Advance


    Lightning Power Integrity Advance provides fast and practical power integrity and electromagnetic interference analysis within the real-time PCB design flow.