Pizzato Elettrica

Using Zuken's CR-8000 and DS-CR Pizzato Elettrica creates a systematic order in data and project management

Working in safety – that is how you could summarize the value proposition of Pizzato Elettrica, a well-established industrial safety company based in Marostica, Italy, which has chosen to rely on Zuken to deploy a solution that integrates its electronic design environment with the company’s PDM infrastructure.

Pizzato Elettrica is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of position switches, safety devices, safety modules, and control and signaling devices for industrial production companies. Pizzato’s products are used in all industrial sectors, from the food & beverage industry and the automotive industry to the construction of industrial machinery and plants, for safe processes that guarantee the safety and security of personnel.

The Pizzato Elettrica product catalog features more than 7,000 items, with over 1,500 special codes that are developed by customizing standard devices according to specific customer requirements.

An example of a typical use of a Pizzato product is a safety device positioned next to the access to a dangerous area of a machine or plant, that maintenance personnel needs to activate to enable working complete safety.

Investing in the future

As a solid foundation for further growth, a new corporate headquarter was opened in Marostica (Vicenza, Italy) in 2019. With an area of more than 25,000 square meters, the new headquarters was designed as an integrated facility capable of uniting all business processes according to Industry 4.0 concepts.

Pizzato Elettrica’s new headquarters: With an area of more than 25,000 square metres, the plant has been designed as an integrated structure capable of unifying all the company’s processes according to the concepts of Industry 4.0.

The investment for the future continued with the expansion of the technical department’s resources and the updating of their CAD system with the new CR-8000 electronic design software supplied by Zuken – for the creation of printed circuit boards and DS-CR for data management of the electronic systems used in Pizzato’s more than 7,000 products.

Zuken’s CR-8000 with its integrated data management environment DS-CR is one of the most modern and complete systems on the market. It is used by global leaders in the electronics industry to manage component libraries, design data, design configurations and access rights.


“The inherent complexity of our products, which is constantly increasing in response to our customers’ requirements, led us to rely on a state-of-the-art design data management system that is capable of supporting an integrated industrialization process,” comments Michele Palma, Project Manager at Pizzato Elettrica S.r.l.

Currently, Pizzato Elettrica’s product catalog features more than 7,000 articles, with over 1,500 special codes that are developed by customizing standard devices according to specific customer requirements. “Within our portfolio of 7,000 articles we have numerous functional blocks that we try to reuse as much as possible so that the experience contained in a given functional block can be carried over into new applications,” explains Michele Palma.

Objective: digitalization of ‘metadata’ and project management

For the management of project data and intellectual property, the company needed an environment for the digitalization of data and processes. “In order to implement an up-to-date methodology, we decided to rely on Zuken software, which allows us to create an integrated data and project management system”, comments Mr. Palma.

“The solution provided by Zuken also offers the possibility to share electronic project data with the management system used in the company and to link other company departments, from materials management to production, in a consistent and complete manner.”

Implementing a system of this magnitude obviously requires not only high-performance software but also a partner capable of providing competent assistance in migrating data from the legacy system and implementing digital interfaces and processes.

“Clearly, after evaluating the product itself, we also took into consideration the size and solidity of Zuken, which presents itself to us not as a simple software supplier, but as a true Partner,” comments Michele Palma.

Zuken’s presence with its own office in Italy and highly qualified personnel with experience on our previous projects, therefore, played a decisive role in this decision. “We can say that for a company like Pizzato, Zuken is definitely a partner that fits well into all company measures and has products that meet all our requirements,” concludes Michele Palma.

Today, almost two years after the introduction of the Zuken tools, it is safe to say that all expectations in terms of design, data consistency and data sharing between the various company areas involved have been met.

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