Siemens PLM: NX PCB.xchange

NX PCB Exchange
Interactive mechanical and electronics co-design of PCBs within a true concurrent flow is made possible by PCB.xchange from Siemens PLM, which interfaces Zuken’s board layout solution, CR-5000 Board Designer, with Siemens PLM NX MCAD system.

ECAD/MCAD Design Collaboration

Mechanical product design: As the first step, the mechanical designer uses the MCAD system to define the shape of the PCB in the mechanical product, setting mechanical constraints and placing components such as connectors that have 3D positioning constraints. After completion of the mechanical product design, the mechanical designer extracts the PCB shape and height restrictions from the design, and exports them to CR-5000 Board Designer.

NX PCB Exchange
PCB layout creation
: With the mechanical constraints readily available in Board Designer, after setting the required electrical constraints, the layout designer creates the board outline. Advanced automatic electronic component placement and routing, as well as signal integrity, power integrity, and EMC verification, is available for efficient PCB design. After completing the board layout, the layout designer applies automatic design rule checking, and forwards the board layout to the MCAD system.

Collision checking and mechanical design optimization: The mechanical designer now replaces the PCB shape with the board outline. Full 3D models are applied from the MCAD library to represent electronic parts and copper traces, so the mechanical designer can execute collision checking between mechanical housing and electronic components and traces. If there are collisions, the mechanical designer can move electronic components within the MCAD system, forwarding any changes to Board Designer, where the necessary re-routing and electrical DRC can be carried out. Finally, the mechanical designer executes mechanical DRC, and completes the product design.

NX PCB.xchange is only available from Siemens PLM Software.