Signal Intgrity (SI), EMC Performance Optimization

CR-5000 EMC Adviser

EMC Adviser optimizes signal integrity (SI) and EMC performance in high-speed designs. Multiple rules can be used to determine the location of EMC problems using high-speed processing to minimize the time taken to identify these. Advice on EMC design methodology with respect to each rule is included and EMC constraints determined in the schematic (using Design Gateway) are supported during and after PCB layout. Using EMC Adviser eliminates the need for analytical models, such as those used by transmission line simulators, by highlighting problem areas. There are 17 basic rules included with the tool. The rules are classified into six main categories: suitability of wiring shields, propensity of layout patterns to radiate as antennae, propensity of layout patterns to produce crosstalk, suitability of component positioning, estimation of power supply quality, effect of layout patterns on signal integrity.

CR-5000 EMC Adviser CR-5000 EMC Adviser