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CR-8000 - Multi-board system-level design solution

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Single and multi-board product-centric design solution

The first completely new board design solution to be built from the start to incorporate all of the hardware and software advances of the last two decades, CR-8000 is the leading-edge in PCB design software.

CR-8000 - Multi-board system-level design solution

Design products, not just boards.

CR-8000 is a PCB design platform that is specifically designed for system-level, multi-board engineering and design. With CR-8000, you’ll be equipped to tackle the most complex design challenges of today and tomorrow. Streamline your entire design process so you can spend more time on what's important: designing great products. 

Design exploration and planning just got easy
System Planner begins the process of turning requirements into finished products. Unlike other solutions, System Planner feeds all design decisions directly into the engineering process. No work is wasted.

Multi-board constraint management
Constraint Manager allows you to apply all rules – electrical and physical – into one location that’s shared across tools. 


3D ECAD / MCAD integration
3D design and mechanical validation eliminates design changes and gets you to market faster.

Data integrity and supply chain integration
Trust your data with superior library and design data management support for dispersed design processes. Know you are making the best component selection based on the latest supply chain information.

Today’s technology for today’s challenges

CR-8000 is the newest system design platform on the market with support for the latest graphics and multi-core processors. Your cutting edge products demand the latest design tools available.

Top features

What’s New in CR-8000 2014

Zuken’s CR-8000, the industry’s only product-centric design solution, continues to lead the way with next-generation tools capable of creating today’s and tomorrow’s complex product designs. CR-8000 2014 offers many enhancements to improve product delivery schedules and reduce costly, error-prone steps in the design process.

CR-8000 is the complete solution for your system-level, single and multi-board design requirements. In addition to the features highlighted below, further information is available in the product release notes.

What's new...

Collateral, partners and contact information.

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    Industry’s only single and multi-board 2D/3D design solution

    CR-8000 is the industry’s newest PCB design platform, specifically developed for product-centric, single and multi-board planning and design. With a design exploration and planning capability, single and multi-board support, 3D MCAD co-design and much more, CR-8000 gives you what you need to be successful.

    Today’s development processes are no longer PCB-centric as they were in the past. Design processes need to be product-centric and require native 2D/3D capabilities for enclosure co-design and IC packaging. Design teams are dispersed around the world and require state-of-the-art library and data management support with supply chain integration. CR-8000 has this and much more.

    Tired of using yesterday’s tools to build today’s products? CR-8000 is the only product-centric design solution on the market today.

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