Augmented Reality Meets Harness Manufacturing



The saying “A craftsman is only as good as his tools” still holds true today, particularly when it comes to wire harness assembly. Assembling a wire harness is a complex process. A manufacturing technician relies on precise instructions to both plan and layout a harness onto a nail-board. The challenge is the engineering team must supply the necessary information while also making it to be easy to understand. The toughest part of the challenge is to supply all the desired information on a static drawing. The static nature of a drawing often results in a considerable amount of information packed into a small area, which can lead to human error and rework.

The journey to manufacturing excellence begins with the use of intelligent design tools like Harness Builder for E3.series. Harness Builder for E3.series simplifies the design process by empowering manufacturers to create accurate quotations/estimates, full nail board/pegboard documentation, drive testing, digital assembly, and automated wire preparation machines. The benefits are multiplied exponentially with the introduction of projection-based augmented reality products like ProjectionWorks by Delta Sigma Company.

The solution from Delta Sigma is proven to reduce manufacturing overhead by:

  • Reducing space usage and ramp-up time
  • Reducing rework and errors by simplifying instructions
  • Augmenting outdated assembly processes
  • Introducing dynamic work instructions and board layouts

In this webinar, we will introduce the innovative capabilities of our augmented reality solution to drive a dynamic design-to-manufacturing process. You will learn how to simplify the wire harness assembly process by digitally overlaying step-by-step instructions directly onto the harness board.

What you will learn:

  • The advantages of using augmented reality projection technology for harness assembly
  • How Harness Builder for E3.series data can be augmented into the real-world using projection technology
  • The ease of simplifying harness board assembly into step-by-step instructions
  • How projection technology can unlock the ability to use reconfigurable harness boards to reduce storage space
  • How to maximize efficiency gains upwards of 70% using the combination of intelligent design tools and projection technology

Who should attend:

  • Harness engineers, production managers, quality assurance, engineering managers, technical and design engineers working to improve the overall manufacturing process.


Name: Craig Cappai
Title: President
Company: Delta Sigma Company
Bio: Craig Cappai has served as president of Delta Sigma Company for the past eight years. Craig possesses over 30 years’ experience in building businesses, developing key market strategies, developing customer relationships, and organizing sales teams for success.


Name: Kyle Mortimore
Title: Project Engineer
Company: Delta Sigma Company
Bio: Kyle Mortimore has served as a project engineer for Delta Sigma Company for the past two years, specializing in the ProjectionWorks product. His primary roles are the management and integration of ProjectionWorks technology into customers’ manufacturing processes. Kyle received his B.S. in aerospace engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Name: Sanu Warrier
Title: Technical Marketing Manager
Company: Zuken USA
Bio: Sanu Warrier is a technical marketing manager, helping customers find effective solutions to their design challenges. His work focusses on eliminating inefficiencies, improving the design


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