About E3.series Power Edition

The E3.series Power Edition is developed for Power companies that create sub-stations for electrical generation and for those that provide distribution of that generated electricity. Zuken also offers a smaller version of its E3.series design application for suppliers making switchgear, circuit breakers, transformers and all associated engineering services supporting the generation and distribution of Power. Power line workers

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The E3.series Enterprise Multi-User application offers a design interface that allows engineers and technicians to design and develop electrical schematics at the same time their colleagues are placing panel equipment and wiring cables. This environment facilitates a true collaboration workspace. If one view of a cable or device is changed in the schematic, then that will also be automatically reflected in real time within the panels. The reverse can also be seen from the Panels. If a panel part is added, moved, deleted or rewired, then the electrical schematic will show that change. This makes for speedy design cycle while the application is constantly checking potential problems in accordance with the customer design standards

Unlimited documentation can be created directly from the tool using the communication interface. The Power Edition is deployed with customizable Bills of Materials and Cable reports that will export to a file format that can be used within existing PDM/PLM/ERP systems and also to a more legible Microsoft Excel formats for document control and markup and build. Zuken also offers the Red-line and Revision Management tools to trace changes through the design process. Highlighting circuitry of parts, wires and cables added, modified and removed.

Power Cable Design

A comprehensive user and standard library of power symbols and componentry are used with the application to develop the circuitry. These objects can be defined and stored with reuse in mind in other drawings and also defined for utilizing the standard Options and Variation functions within E3.series.

E3.series Enterprise utilizes client-server process to allow for all changes to be seamlessly shared within the design environment. Operating on all Professional versions of Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 10), the application uses a connection to either Microsoft SQL Server or to Oracle, to store and retrieve data.


  • Save time on design creation and checking
  • Reuse of design data: Database of stored circuitry
  • Design efficiency: Multiple people working in the same collaborated workspace.
  • All changes on-line Automatic error checking: User defined design rule checking.
  • Single shared object in schematic and panel layout: Change the schematic; the panel changes automatically


  • Enterprise solution enabling designers to concurrently work on both the schematic and panel layouts for both Electrical Generation and Distribution
  • Automatic checking for complete terminations.
  • Automatic wire assignment based on lug selection.
  • Dynamic cross-referencing of data when placing a device or a wire/cable.
  • Cable and wire listings directly from the project or broken down by the panels or part numbers.
  • Auto Placement
  • Auto Panel Wiring
  • Back plate drill pattern/schedule
  • ISO 14617/60617 & ANSI/JIC 315 Symbol Sets
  • Automatic creation of Wire Markers
  • Automatic creation device and wire labels
  • Compartmentalized Bills of Materials relating to individual Panel
  • Layouts and designs
  • Dynamic Terminal Plans including bridging and linking of terminals.
  • Detailed Equipment Lists
  • Automated Wiring Diagrams that will update as the schematic is changed
  • Connection to SAP/PLM systems Connection to controllers from within the schematic
  • Read/Write AutoCAD DXF/DWG and Intergraph DGN files
  • Additional Markup and redline tool
  • Additional revision comparison with color highlighting of design changes and full supporting documentation
  • Free distributable viewer.

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