MBSE - Model Based Systems Engineering


Up-front design planning for tomorrow's complex designs

Product complexity is driving the need for better product requirement and hardware architecture definition in the form of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). The product development process is evolving to include MBSE and architecture optimization, as well as detailed design. Bridging these different design phases without data re-entry is the ultimate aim.



From architecture optimization to MBSE

With CR-8000 System Planner, Zuken has paved the way for architecture optimization that bridges the way to detailed design, and MBSE is the next step. This is why we are actively working on MBSE integration with our electrical and electronic product families.

Wire harness design and optimization in 3D

Optimizing wire harness designs to meet targeted weight and cost objectives is a complex and challenging task. One of the most time consuming aspects is the consolidation of different data sources and inputs into one consistent representation. With E3.Wiring System Lab, Zuken has developed a next generation solution that consolidates data from heterogeneous sources into a consistent topology structure that can be accessed and manipulated directly in a 3D environment.


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MBSE for Wire Harness Design

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Solving the Systems Engineering, Digital Engineering, and MBSE Puzzle

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