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Success Stories


Alstom improves productivity and planning by integrating their globally-dispersed rail design team using a digital design process

Alstom Germany is one of the major players in infrastructure for power and transport.

  • Faster work processes with improved quality achieved by using a configurator
  • Productivity boosted via 3D interface to CATIA V5 for calculating the production lengths of cables.
  • Digital design flow meant more efficient structure of design department which greatly improved integration with process planning, procurement and production.

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ARM Automation





ARM Automation achieves two-thirds electrical design time reduction and increases project ROI

ARM Automation develops machine design, systems integration and controls engineering solutions

  • Efficiency and competitiveness increased using E3.series, allowing ARM to bid on more projects with delivery confidence
  • Overall design time reduced by 66%
  • Hours of manual error-prone tasks eliminated, increasing project ROI and design quality

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Arburg gets designs right the first time with a constraints-based design process.

ARBURG is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of injection molding machines

  • CR-5000 is a pivotal element in enabling ARBURG to respond flexibly to both market and customer requirements in extremely short development cycles.
  • With CR-5000 the company now has a tool for a fast and reliable design process, which enables error-free products right from the start of development thanks to a constraints-based design process.
  • The constantly increasing requirements in high-speed PCB design are effortlessly met by the combination of CR-5000 Board Designer, Lightning Realize and the Dragon Autorouter

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ATK increases cable design productivity for space shuttle booster replacement by moving to a digital design process

ATK Aerospace Group produces solid rocket propulsion systems, military and commercial aircraft structures.

  • Feasibility testing timescale reduced from months to weeks using E3.series
  • Design team size cut significantly by using automated interface and smarter working
  • Automatic design checks achieved time savings and improved quality

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Bruker raises documentation quality and design flow efficiency for precision instrumentation with E3.series

Bruker manufactures analytical instrumentation systems

  • Time taken to develop an initial sample was slashed with E3.series, leading to a noticeable increase in productivity
  • Design efficiency increased significantly through automated production of manufacturing drawings
  • Improved quality of wiring and manufacturing drawings

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 Emergency One

Emergency One controls wire harness design complexity and slashes delivery lead times by using a digital design process

Emergency One (UK) Limited is a Scotland based manufacturer of firefighting equipment and related services.

  • Standardized design and manufacturing process resulted in cost savings and reliability benefits.
  • Bottlenecks were removed in electrical wiring installation by implementing test and verification at the design stage.
  • Lead times were slashed for delivery by giving more detailed information to the wire harness manufacturer.

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Kässbohrer Transport Technik
Kässbohrer Transport Technik achieves 60-90% reduction in electrical documentation turnaround for customer specific vehicle configurations

Kässbohrer Transport Technik, located in Eugendorf near Salzburg, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of vehicle transporters.

  • E3.series introduced to streamline electrical documentation of customer specific vehicle configurations
  • Detailed descriptions of all components used in the different vehicle configrurations provided in a central libary
  • Error free schematics are ensured by built-in electrical intelligence of E3.series
  • 60–90% time saving for the electrical documentation of customer specific vehicle variants.

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Mecalac logo

Mecalac (formerly Terex GB) cuts the time taken to develop right-first-time cable harnesses for its heavy plant vehicles

Mecalac (formerly Terex GB) cuts the time taken to develop right-first-time cable harnesses for its heavy plant vehicles

  • Greater confidence during the creation or modification of cable harnesses, irrespective of their complexity.
  • The automation of terminal and connector table selection saves time.
  • Fewer and shorter iterative process steps with greatly reduced risk of human errors.
  • Better collaboration between electrical and mechanical design engineers.

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 Kellenberger logo

Kellenberger cuts time taken to generate customer-specific schematics by up to 90% by implementing options and variants in E3.series

Kellenberger develops and produces numerically-controlled precision grinding machines and systems for sectors such as automotive, medical devices and industrial machinery.

  • Time reduced for generating a set of customer-specific schematics by up to 90% (from 4-8 hours to 5-30 minutes)
  • Machine configuration process is simplified by enabling selection from several modules and a broad range of options.
  • Significantly reduced effort to generate a customized set of electrical documentation for each machine
  • Individual schematics can be generated automatically

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 Muller Martini

Müller Martini enhances variant and option handling and reduces manufacturing costs by moving to an object-oriented ECAD environment

Müller Martini supplies highly flexible, customized print processing machines to the graphics industry

  • Up to 80% of variants are stored and retrieved directly in the structure tree of the project.
  • Costs reduced by using E3.series data to drill holes in the chassis sheet during cabinet manufacturing by eliminating processing during assembly.
  • Modularization of electrical product architectures
  • Smooth information transfer between engineering, production and sourcing.
  • Significant cost reduction achieved by carrying out cross-section and connection checks in the design stage, reducing errors.

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Renishaw logo

Renishaw gets better fit and impedance control for complex flexible PCBs in metrology instruments using CR-8000

Renishaw is a global company with core skills in measurement, motion control, spectroscopy and precision machining.

  • Flexible PCB and housing fit issues are fixed early in the design flow due to enhanced collaboration between electronic and mechanical design, saving considerable time.
  • Easier controlled impedance routing for high frequency signals using electromagnetic field solvers in Design Force.
  • 3D placement means PCB designers can create the ‘perfect’ layout.
  • What if’ scenarios can be viewed by bending the flexible PCB.

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Rohde & Schwarz




Rohde & Schwarz manages variants with increased efficiency using Zuken’s CR-5000 suite

Rhode & Schwarz produces measurement, broadcasting, secure communications, radio monitoring and radiolocation equipment

  • End-to-end engineering flow implemented using CR-5000
  • Full configuration bandwidth can be defined within the schematic.

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Stone Aerospace

Stone Aerospace saves 12 weeks in cabling design using E3.series

Stone Aerospace develops smart tools and systems for exploring extreme environments

  • Eliminated $20,000 in cable rework and expedited delivery costs
  • Design cycle reduced by 12 weeks
  • Effective design team collaboration created common nomenclature improving quality and cutting errors
  • Automated checks ensured correct connector selections.

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TEWS Technologies




TEWS significantly reduces development time and cost of complex high-speed PCBs using concurrent power integrity simulation

TEWS Technologies designs and builds turnkey, embedded interface solutions

  • Power integrity simulation helped create right-the-first-time designs and ensure rapid compliance with power integrity constraints.
  • Power distribution network now capable of providing charge to all ICs on a minimal number of PCB layers
  • Reduced manufacturing costs significantly by reducing the number of decoupling capacitors.

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Weidmueller logo

Weidmüller achieves reduction of up to 75% in cabinet engineering

Weidmüller is a global leader in electronics and automation products, solutions and services for industrial applications in the power, signal and data sectors

  • Zuken and Weidmüller collaborated closely to develop a next generation terminal block configurator
  • Using the tool, customers can achieve a reduction in cabinet engineering time by up to 75%
  • By separating the data and user interface the content can be updated at any time in a simple library update

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CR-8000 / CR-5000 - Advanced PCB Design Software



Arburg"Being able to respond flexibly to both market and customer requirements in extremely short development cycles. It is rather unusual for a machine construction company to develop and produce its own control technology for its injection molding machines. But this has given us extensive know-how which enables us to devise the most efficient solution together with our customers in a practical and competent manner."

- Werner Faulhaber, head of engineering development

Cummins Power Generation

Cummins Power"With design teams around the world, we need a PCB and system-level design platform that allows our teams to work concurrently and also deals with complex multi-board designs. Zuken’s CR-8000 Design Gateway and Design Force does this and more. Because of advanced multi-board capabilities and an integrated high-speed design environment, we collaborate effectively while pushing technology boundaries, which play an important role in our product development."

- Jerry Murray, PCB design team leader


E5D"We extensively use CR-5000 Lightning Power Integrity Advance in our designs to support our 'right first time' design process. It helps us to identify problems at the earliest stages, eliminating design re-spins and reducing our overall development costs."

- Jeff Williams, design manager


Enics"We aim to be the partner of choice for Industrial focused OEMs when they are looking for professional EMS solutions. With Zuken’s CR-8000 Design Force we have state-of-the-art technology to help us respond to the latest trends in the electronics industry. We also expect to see a remarkable boost in productivity due to a more streamlined process and tighter integration with simulation tools."

- Patrik Modig, Site Manager

Kardinal Microsystems

Kardinal Microsystems“We have extremely ambitious goals that require state-of-the-art design solutions and a partner with a proven history of technological innovation. Zuken USA has the technology we need; particularly in the area of chip/package/board co-design. This partnership is essential for our business to succeed.”

- Pascal Nsame, CEO and Founder


Microsoft"Zuken’s DS-2 data management software offered everything we needed. As the Surface™ portfolio of products grew, data management for electrical design became an increasingly critical element of our process, and we were excited about the opportunity DS-2 provides to better integrate supply chain optimization directly into design decisions right at the engineer’s desktop. We are in the second phase of deployment managing our component library, and so far we are very pleased with the results."

- Erik von Fuchs, Director of Engineering, Surface Products, Microsoft Corporation

Norbit ODM

Norbit ODM"Working with Zuken will enable us to take the next step in product innovation, bring about design efficiencies and allow us to have more control over our systems."

Per Jørgen Weisethaunet, CEO

Panasonic Corporation

Panasonic"In the development of the world's thinnest and lightest 20-inch large-screen 4K tablet, CR-8000 Design Force’s system-level SI and thermal analysis effectively reduced the number of design spins during the project. Due to the success of this project, we will make more efforts with Zuken to develop our next generation 4K tablet using CR-8000 Design Force."

- Mr. Kiyoshi Nakanishi, 4K Tablet development manager


Pegatron"Previous CAD architecture had already become dated and we were encountering limitations in our ability to respond to new circuit board technologies, and in keeping up with the latest software technologies. We have nothing but high praise for the Zuken development team, who produced results through active efforts under Pegatron proprietary technical requirements, and the outstanding flexibility of CR-8000, which has enabled us to pursue expanded functionality on our own. We are confident that utilizing this data and transferring design data will help us to expand our company's business."

- Mr. Steven Huang, Senior Director RD Center-EA, SIM & CAE Division

Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz"It was our objective for development engineers to get the ability to define the full configuration bandwidth upfront during schematics definition, so that the schematic becomes the master document for manufacturing project execution."

Siegfried Doser and Robert Hahn, development support

Siemens Rail Automation

Siemens"We’ve found that System Planner and Design Gateway help our design teams collaborate effectively throughout our electronic system design process because our requirements are managed and implemented in one integrated environment. We are able to complete our technical feasibility studies earlier, which enables us to provide a major benefit to our customers by getting quotations to them faster."

- Michael Flügel, project manager EDA software, Siemens Rail Automation

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E3.series - Electrical wiring, control systems and fluid engineering software


ABB Process Automation

ABB Process Automation"We chose E3.series because it was best able to meet our design requirements. As our needs have evolved, so has E3.series. With each new version, Zuken gives us the functionality we need for higher productivity and quality."

- Sami Kivioja, engineering manager

Alexander Dennis

Alexander Dennis"We wanted a flexible, highly integrated electrical design solution which would help us improve our existing system and establish new design processes, ranging from the capture of a vehicle’s functional electrical topology, through detailed design, to the creation of harness manufacture data."

- David Alexander, Group Engineering Systems Manager


Alstom"Using a configurator with E3.series means we can do our work not just much faster but with fewer mistakes too."

-  Jens Fricke, Wiring Diagrams Group Manager

ARM Automation

ARM Automation"The intelligence contained in the database of E3.series has helped reduce design time to about one-third of the time required in the past. These time savings have made it possible for us to bid on more complex systems without concern that the electrical design could not be completed within the project deadline. With the database keeping track of the components and signals, it's also more difficult to make a mistake which makes it easier to assemble and troubleshoot the system."

- Joe Geisinger, chief technology officer


ATK"In the past it might have taken us months to design the wire harnesses and agree to a POC (proof of concept). Now we can do a feasibility test in weeks by copying and making changes to the existing model. Going from months to weeks has not only made ATK more competitive, but has established us as a trusted partner of NASA. Besides these savings, we also have much more confidence that our designs are correct. Zuken has been an exceptional partner throughout this process and was there with us the entire way."

- Nathan Holyoak, Engineer PLM Processes

A-Tech Systems

A-Tech Systems"Since we’ve been using E3.series, our technicians find it much easier to work with the schematic output from E3.series which provides more detailed documentation. E3.series is exceptionally stable and has an open access API. This has allowed us to customize the solution to suit our design process."

- Chris Hatfield, technical director


Bruker"One of the good things about E3.series is that it doesn’t dictate where you have to start. Within a project, users can start with the main assembly they consider most effective."

- Jürgen Fink, head of the electronics development department

Eclipse Aviation

Eclipse Aviation"E3.cable is built on standard relational database architecture. This gave us an open tool box to work with. This is not what we were seeing from the old names [in software solutions]."

- Mike Brown, former chief information officer at Eclipse Aviation


Emergency One

Emergency One"We have a very sophisticated and all-encompassing system with an advanced control system. With E3.series I am in control of this complexity and it has allowed me to create designs logically. It is the ultimate way to take what I have in my head and put it on paper. When working with a harness supplier, I can point out where things are wrong. It is fantastic to have the knowledge that E3.series can do everything I want. In the same way that our vehicles are highly customizable, so is the functionality within E3.series that allows us to realize this."

- Graeme Shields, Design Manager, Emergency One

FIAT Group Automobiles

FIAT"Our objective three years ago was to reduce the electrical architecture design cycle for a new car by 20%, requiring no extra resources, just improved process and product development integration. E3.Wiring Diagram Generator is proving to be instrumental in making this possible."

- Paolo Puiatti, power and signal distribution manager

HARTING Electric (Part of HARTING Technology Group)

Harting Electric"Within the scope of the E3.series Component Alliance Program we are now able to make the data of our components accessible to our customers. We welcome the opportunity to make our contribution to a more rationalized optimized and shorter development process by using the benefits (or data) of our innovative product portfolio."

- Hartmut Schwettman, managing director

HCI Systems

HCI Systems"Different customers provide different levels and types of information at the beginning of a project. Some know the components they are using, others don’t. While another company may know the layout of the car, another might not. The way E3.series is structured with its database means that I can start the project either at the schematic phase or at the formboard."

- Mike Tickner, director


Honeywell"The days of non-intelligent drawing packages are over. We need better tools that can offer design reuse, bring about standardization, and can still deliver flexibility - like E3.series. We also need partners like Zuken who are willing to listen, learn, communicate and be proactive in regards to meeting our needs."

- Norman MacDonald, UK engineering director


M-SportWith motorsport one of the key things is flexibility and being able to do things quickly, which is why we chose E3.series. We are also looking forward to saving lots of time with the automatic checking features – no more poring over printouts checking wire connections!

- Mark Aitken, design engineer

Optima Group

Optima Group"The E3.series software is an integral part of the Optima Group's PLM strategy and supports the whole lifecycle of our plants."

-  The Optima Group


Piaggio"We looked for a tool to give an end-to-end design path from schematic capture to physical design. One of the reasons E3.series stood out is its inbuilt electrical intelligence. This will help us reduce rework and add digital prototyping into our engineering design process to satisfy challenging time-to-market and quality demands. Piaggio Group previously used a generic rather than wiring harness-dedicated 2D design tool for cabling design, but it was unable to meet stringent new cost effectiveness, global parts unification and time efficiency targets. We selected E3.series after benchmarking several CAD tools."

- Luigi Baracchino, electrical engineering manager

Racetech Harnessing Ltd.

Racetech Logo“We work on incredibly complex designs for customers in Formula 1, and E3.series gives us the confidence that we can meet the professional requirements and future challenges of this industry. E3.series also gives us the design turnaround speeds, quality and ECAD/MCAD integration we need to expand our business into the mainstream automotive, off-road vehicles and rail sectors.”

- John Truman, director

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric"For a long time we searched for software that could provide automatic drawing generation. E3.series is very efficient software and we are now able to design complex diagrams much quicker than before. We are also very pleased with the technical support we receive."

- Tanongchai S., engineering supervisor, Schneider Electric Thailand

Stone Aerospace

Stone Aerospace"We achieved substantial productivity gains because engineers had a very clear picture of what one another were doing, and because of the automated checks performed by the software."

- John Harman, Electrical Engineer

Techno MAP

Techno MAP logo

E3.series will allow us to increase the quality and performance of our harness designs for manufacturing. And because E3.series is aimed at specialists in electrical architecture it supports our overall design process, right up to the generation of production orders.

- Christophe Vergneault, CEO of Techno MAP

Teepee Electrical

TeePee Electrical"Using E3.series will give us the ability to provide much more engineering design work for our customers. There’s also the added value in terms of manufacturing having access to a digital database of components that we can pull up on the shop floor. Overall E3.series will give us the platform for closer collaboration with our customers and reduce the time for providing new designs or design changes, in turn reducing lead times and costs."

Steve Clarke, managing director

Terex Corporation

Terex Corporation"In addition to showing their technical superiority during the search, Zuken’s business structure will support our own internal efforts to become one Terex."

Dr. Suresh Natarajan, Global Director, Electrical Systems

TVS Motors

TVS Motors"Since we started using E3.series almost two years ago we have reduced our design cycle by almost 40%, compared with our previous practice of wire harness design using non-automated tools."

- M. Amardeepkumar, R&D manager

Vossloh Locomotives

Vossloh Locomotives"With E3.RevisionManagement, we have the ability to verify our compliance with ISO certification and rail standard DIN EN 61082. In particular, the generation of a detailed and complete change history for our manufacturing documentation, the automated revision of parts lists and subsequent transfer to our production system, has led to significant time and economic savings. Moreover, the number of errors has been reduced within the revision workflow and which has been further optimized using error analysis."

- Heiner Morich, technical project manager

Windmöller & Hölscher

Theodor Determann, Managing Director at Windmöller & Hölscher"We realized that to continue to serve our global markets with leading-edge products, we needed to take our mechanical, electrical and software engineering processes to the next level. By integrating domain-specific development processes into an end-to-end mechatronic engineering environment, we will be able to offer our customers cost-efficient and customized solutions that cut their engineering lead time and overheads."

- Theodor Determann, managing director

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CADSTAR - Desktop PCB Design Software


Blackstar Amplification

Blackstar Amplification"Our designs have many common building blocks and CADSTAR allows us to use this to our advantage to produce new product designs quickly and accurately. We had been looking to change our design software when we found out about CADSTAR Lite. After discovering the vast functionality it provides, we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to get Zuken’s technology plus email support from the local distributor, at such a competitive price - so we immediately bought two seats! We will be looking to upgrade in the future, but for now CADSTAR Lite provides us with a breadth of capabilities for everything we need and more." 

- Cliff Brown, design engineer


C-TEC"There are some real benefits to be gained from using this App – especially the numerous small time savings and the ease-of-use that it offers. As long-time users of CADSTAR, we are pleased to see the continual progression of the software and that Zuken has been quick to adopt apps, making use of devices that are now part of everyday life."

- Graham Williamson, senior electronics engineer

INCA Systems

Inca Systems"Board Modeler Lite is a vital tool for us, as we design many boards for the mobile industry where devices need to be as thin as possible, meaning that tolerances are very tight. The boards themselves also need to follow the housing contour, with curves, indents and keep-out areas. We are able to test boards within the test fixture and Board Modeler Lite also allows us feed the exact 3D data from the PCB to the 3D design environment."

- Eero Leiononen, director

TEWS Technologies

TEWS Technologies"We are now creating more right-the-first-time designs and one of the biggest benefits is being able to reduce the number of decoupling capacitors, which adds up to a significant reduction in manufacturing costs."

- Michael Költzor, senior CAD engineer

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