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M-H engineering GmbH & Co. KG is an engineering company for specialized machinery with a focus on electrical engineering located near Stuttgart, Germany. CEO Felix Müller-Hummel has managed to combine his professional and personal passions in an innovative way. With expertise rooted in electrical engineering and a passion for motorsports on the side – he has acquired a 2017 KTM X Bow with road registration since 2018; melding these two worlds together into one unique project that is sure to bring excitement both at work and play!

Once the initial fascination with the vehicle had settled and the first test drives had been completed, it quickly became clear that the vehicle did not provide separate wheel speeds. The evaluation of the wheel speeds is absolutely necessary if you want to retrofit a traction control system or if you want to evaluate the performance of the car and the driver on the track. With no options available from the manufacturer, KTM, the M-H engineering team took matters into their own hands and set out on an innovative development project in order to enable wheel speed recording and analysis. With a wealth of expertise in 3D printing, model making, and automotive mechatronics stemming from design work, hobbies, and education experiences alike; Zuken’s electrical engineering platform E3.series was a natural fit for the project.

A new wire harness for speed sensors

E3.series enabled the easy creation of a custom wiring harness to install wheel speed sensors in the vehicle, which was continuously improved and tweaked until it became satisfactory by mid-2019 – making way for the installation process. Furthermore, minor modifications were made on ECUs so that they could successfully use and evaluate these newly installed sensors.

Since then, Felix has been able to measure and evaluate the wheel speeds of his KTM X-Bow with a specially programmed app. All doors are now open for the installation of a traction control system.

M-H engineering uses E3.series not only for their side projects but mainly for customer projects to deliver customized solutions and designs consistent with the latest industry standards

“For design projects, we always use the latest technology and design with state-of-the-art tools. With E3.series, we can optimally implement customer requirements,” says Felix Müller-Hummel. “Despite a high degree of customization, we can save time with the functions for variants and options. Design rules reduce error potential and increase product quality. The simple and intuitive usability of E3.series makes our work much easier and enables us to develop high-quality solutions in a short time.”

A team of 25 employees develops machines and systems for various industries, including PLC programming and script programming. One of the main focuses is the design of machinery and equipment for the North American market, using expert knowledge in UL508A and NFPA79.

AI research in vehicle electrical system development

Since December 2022, M-H engineering has been part of the MANNHEIM-KI4BoardNet research consortium, a government-funded project to explore new ways of designing wiring systems using AI. Leading industry and research partners are working together to develop the methodology of the future.

M-H engineering brings many years of experience in the design of wiring systems to the project and plans to use the project results to work on new customer projects as well. The participation in this project is an active contribution to ensure the competitiveness of Germany as an engineering hub for the future and to be a leader in international competition.

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