System-level PCB design. Design Gateway for system level circuit engineering

System-level Circuit Engineering

On-demand webinar

Traditional schematic entry tools offer the ability to create a single logical design to drive a single PCB layout. Design Gateway is Zuken’s platform for logical circuit engineering and verification of single and multi-board system-level electronic designs. Developed with the latest architecture to support graphical and textual design entry methods, it also includes advanced methodologies for hierarchical design to support design reuse and duplicate circuits. Design Gateway’s embedded constraint management system complements tightly linked integrations for synthesis, simulation, timing analysis and verification. This complete solution for the design and verification process has been developed to reduce design time and optimize product cost, size, and performance.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to detect errors and verify performance early in the design process through embedded simulation and analysis
  • How to meet design requirements with centralized constraint management in spreadsheet format for all rules in the design (electrical and physical)
  • How to take advantage of advanced hierarchical and design reuse techniques
  • How to reduce component research time with library browsing to identify existing approved components, lowering inventory and improving economies of scale
  • How to save time with many ease-of-use shortcuts for quickly creating detailed logical designs and shortening common and repetitive tasks

Who should watch:

  • Hardware and electrical engineers who create detailed logical designs for single and multi-board electronic products/systems
  • Directors and managers who oversee groups designing electronic systems

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