Have you hugged your customer today?


Today we can look back on a successful ZIW Digital Germany. We all connected, shared, learned, and grew as individuals – and as a community. We were able to achieve all of this amid a global pandemic, affecting all of us around the globe.

Due to Covid-19, we had to cancel all live events of the Zuken Innovation World 2020. Every year our user conferences bring together our customers, partners, and industry professionals for networking, learning, and without a doubt spreading the pioneering spirit. Social distancing kept us safe, but it did not keep us from coming together again this year – online.

477 customers attended one or multiple live webinar sessions. They listened to the presentations from their offices, their kitchen tables, or the backyard.

In other words, ZIW DIGITAL was a great success in our books, but we look forward to welcoming you with a big hug in the next physical event in 2021. The Planning for a LIVE ZIW 2021 is already underway. We hope to see as many of you as possible in the year to come.

ZIW Digital Germany Recap

In light of the current situation, we took the opportunity to gather highlights from the ZIW live program into a collaborative webinar lecture series. It’s covering a variety of topics in the areas of electric, electronic, or digital engineering.

One major topic – highly relevant across all industries – is the digital transformation. Now more than ever companies are scrambling to digitalize their processes. Many different strategies like MBSE or the digital twin fuel the digital transformation. Some say the digital twin is the crown jewel of the digital transformation. Digital models that behave like real products and accompany them throughout their life cycle. To come to life, the digital twin needs a comprehensive software environment to create a smart CAD Model. Otherwise, it will resemble a digital Frankenstein at best.

Another Highlight was Achim Stirner’s talk about the new 2020 release of the E3.series electrical and fluid engineering tool suite. It will feature extended capabilities in the areas of tabular editing of large projects, digital manufacturing, and documentation.

E3.series is used by numerous globally leading manufacturing companies to generate large and demanding, electrical cabling, control cabinet, and wire harness designs. Evidently, the software is designed for advanced applications in machinery, power, automotive, transportation, and aerospace and defense industries.

We would like to thank everyone who made this possible. Our teams who worked hard to move the ZIW online, our customers who trusted us and registered, and our presenters and keynote speakers for sharing their knowledge and industry insights over unfamiliar paths.

ZIW Digital Europe is in full swing

Following the successful launch of ZIW Digital in Germany, Zuken colleagues in the UK, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Poland are now also going digital in 2020.

Similar to ZIW Digital Germany the content of the webinar series covers topics from the fields of electrical and electronic engineering.

The webinars launched at the beginning of June. However, you can still register for the upcoming presentations. Don’t miss your chance and check out the agenda here: www.zuken.com/en/event/ziw-digital/agenda/

Remember to register even if you cannot attend the live session. Recordings of the webinars will be made available to you after approval by the speakers.

Lilli Schuetze
Lilli Schuetze
Content Marketing Manager