PCB Manufacturing Design & CAM Verification

CR-8000 DFM Center

PCB Manufacturing Design DFM Center is a comprehensive manufacturing preparation and output solution supporting panelization and common output formats.

DFM Center enables designers to handle the increasing complexity and diversity of today’s PCBs, while ensuring high final product quality, and accurate outputs for the manufacturing processes. With a robust set of features for data preparation and embedded verification to ensure manufacturing specifications are met, DFM Center addresses the challenges of the manufacturing process.

CAM verification

How does it work?

DFM Center allows you to prepare and verify all your manufacturing data by paneling up a single or combination of PCBs with real-time manufacturing DRCs. Additional fabrication and assembly checks are applied dynamically based on any manufacturer's specifications. This allows you to design-anywhere-manufacture-anywhere.

With powerful post-processing functionality, designers apply the necessary additions and modifications to the design, such as automatic copper flooding of the complete panel. Documentation is completed with automatic drill table generation and various dimensioning options, with access to the component library to add any additional features to the design. Once documentation for fabrication, assembly, and testing is completed, designers generate the output data for manufacturing.

Designers also simulate the panel image for final verification and import data from manufacturing to compare and analyze differences between the original data.