ZIW Germany 2020



The presentations at Zuken Innovation World 2020 are organized in a clear structure with Key Notes, Solution Tracks (Digital Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Electronic Engineering), Workshop & Best Practice Sessions and Hands-on Training units. The majority of the presentations at the Zuken Innovation World 2020 has already been confirmed – the exact schedule of the agenda is currently being determined. For details on the scheduled topics, please see below.


Keynotes and topics of general interest

In the keynote presentations, academic and industry experts will highlight topics of current interest in an interesting and engaging fashion.

  • A holistic approach to complexity management
    Dr.-Ing. Christian Dölle, Werkzeugmaschinenlabor WZL at RWTH Aachen University
  • Innovative technologies in mobile farming machinery as an example of the digitalisation of the industrial sector
    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Andreas Möller, Owner and CEO of ADVES GmbH & Co. KG, Goldenstedt
  • From Science Fiction to Reality – Looking beyond the boundaries of today’s knowledge
    Prof. Gerd Ganteför, University of Konstanz

Digital Engineering Track

The Digital Engineering track comprises expert presentations on the topics of model-based development, digital processes and infrastructure. The term originates from a white paper of the US Department of Defense from 2018 and is suitable as a neutral alternative to the established – but largely proprietary – term of Product Lifecycle Management.


  • How MBSE is evolving to solve today’s complexity challenges
    David Long, President Vitech Corporation
  • The Digital Thread, MBSE and PLM – an assessment of overlapping paradigms
    Oliver Hechtl, Head of Strategic Data Management & Integration Solutions, Zuken GmbH
  • A practical approach to integrating the disciplines of electronics and electrical engineering into the PLM world
    Markus Neubauer, Solution Architect Data Management Systems, Zuken E3 GmbH
  • Digital data as an efficiency driver – An efficient transition from the digital circuit diagram into a real control cabinet
    Dr.-Ing. Andreas Schreiber, Phoenix Contact

Workshops & Best Practice

  • Workshop: MBSE – first steps live
    Creating a system model with Vitech Genesys by means of practical example

Electrical and Fluid Engineering Track

In the Electrical & Fluid Engineering track you will learn new and interesting facts about the E3.series engineering environment and its associated DS-E3 library and data management solutions.

The workshops will provide you with valuable practical tips. In hands-on sessions, you will be able to work directly at a computer under the guidance of experts. Please note: for the hands-on sessions additional registration is required, as the number of available seats is limited (10 plus guests).


  • E3.series Roadmap
  • Connecting to the MCAD process chain with E3.3DTransformer
  • Automation solutions for control cabinet manufacturing and assembly
  • E3.series Release 2020 – overview of the new functions
  • Latest news from Zuken E3
  • Generation of data for cable harness production and assembly

Workshops & Best Practice

  • E3 Multiuser Inside – server migration, backup concepts
  • E3.ComponentCloud installation and configuration
  • Nutzung von Zuken Global Support für E3.series Anwender
  • ECAD/MCAD-Collaboration

Hands-on Sessions

  • E3 Test Drive: a continuous design process with E3 from the circuit diagram to the finished control cabinet or cable harness layout
  • Design, wiring, and assembly of control cabinets with E3.panel

PCB Design and Electronic Engineering Track

In the Electronic Engineering Track, you will learn new and interesting facts about the CR-8000 multi-board development environment and the associated DS-CR library and data management platform. In the workshops, you will learn valuable practical tips. In the hands-on sessions, you will be able to work directly at the computer under the guidance of experts. Please note: for the hands-on sessions additional registration is required, as the number of available seats is limited (max. 10 plus guests).


  • CR-8000 and DS-CR Product Roadmap
  • Power Integrity, DC and AC analysis with CR-8000 Design Gateway and Design Force
  • Constraint specification in Design Gateway with Constraint Browser and back annotation from Design Force
  • Library and design data management step by step with DS-CR
  • New features in Release 2020 of CR-8000 and DS-2
  • Topology generation and assignment with Rule Stack Editor and Clearance Class Tool

Workshops & Best Practice

  • System integration, interfaces and user-specific functions for CR-8000 and DS-CR
  • Multi-board design & ECAD/MCAD collaboration with CR-8000 Design Force
  • Flex board design using zones in Design Force
  • System harmonization and data conversion from legacy systems
  • Library Download via Silicon Expert

Hands-on sessions

  • Multiboard design & ECAD/MCAD collaboration
  • Analysis of electronic circuits with Design Gateway and Design Force
  • Design data management with DS-CR


Duration: 05 May 13:00 – 06 May 16:30
Location: Darmstadt, Germany
Email: ursula.necknig@de.zuken.com