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Electrical Engineering: Cross-disciplinary change management with E3.series, DS-E3 and PTC Windchill

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Wire Harness Design Change Management with Zuen DS-E3 and PTC Windchill Plm software
Webinar – Wire Harness change management

Using a realistic engineering change scenario, PTC and Zuken jointly demonstrate how a product innovation to a wire harness design that requires close coordination between the mechanical and electronic development teams can be executed in an efficient and process-safe manner.

The starting point for our electronic engineering scenario is a change request to a sports motorcycle design initiated in PTC Windchill which will trigger a modification of wiring harness design in E3.series and DS-E3.


  • Specification of a product requirement
  • Creation of a change request
  • Evaluation of the request
  • Planning of the change
  • Creation of the change order
  • Implementation of the change in the wiring harness with E3.series and DS-E3

Learn from the expert

  • Markus Neubauer, Solution Architect Data Management Systems, Zuken E3 GmbH
  • Markus Fleckenstein, Business Development Director, PTC

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