Reusing block basic

Tech Tip: Re-use Block Basics – Using Design Gateway to build a circuit block library


Building a circuit block reuse library is easier than you think

A reuse library can boost productivity and product reliability.

There are a lot of hardware functions that can be reused over and over again.  No need to re-invent the wheel.  Making every one of the functional sub-modules sharable in your organization is a dream come true. There is not a single engineer or manager who wants to find out that they just designed a new circuit that resembles one that already existed.

The Cold Reality!

Just about all companies that I am aware of struggle with how to achieve this. It is not a simple task to implement circuit block re-use.

  • You need the ability to create a “Library” of circuit blocks that can be used by both design authoring and design planning tools.
  • All the appropriate engineers need access to the contents.
  • The library needs to be managed:
    • Approval control
    • Read/write access control
    • Easily searchable
    • Etc.

Start with the basics.

Do not bite off too big a chunk of the task. Start with something achievable such as a circuit block library.

The short video that follows will show you how to create a basic block library structure and add functional blocks from an existing circuit to it.

Stay tuned to the Zuken Blog for more on this topic.
Shawn Larson
Shawn Larson
Senior Technical Fellow
Shawn Larson is a Technical Marketing Manager with over 30 years’ experience in the EDA industry. For the last 15 years, his focus has been on Electronic and Electrical Engineering Product Data Management (e-PDM). Shawn has deployed numerous enterprise-class engineering data management systems and is considered an expert in this area. For fun, Shawn enjoys hiking the White Mountains, an occasional marathon and good Jazz.