Simplify MCAD Integration

Simplify MCAD Integration for Wire Harness Design



Do you need to move data back and forth between your MCAD and harness design tools and processes?  Design processes that span multiple tool domains require design data to move from one domain to the other to resolve and verify design elements. But, moving data between the two domains can be problematic.  This webinar will look at the challenges and solutions for bridging MCAD and wire harness design.

E3.3DTransformer has the capability to import 3D-based M-CAD models from various authoring systems like Dassault Systems CATIA, Siemens NX or native, open-standardized 3D exchange formats like JT and extract electrical, harness-related topological information for re-use in subsequent harness engineering processes and tools. Along with a wide variety of formats supported E3.3DTransformer features a simplification and healing functionality for extracted harness topology structure like reduction of obsolete vertices or join of not-coherent segments. With an easy to use UI and short setup time you could be on your way to a quicker and money-saving design process.

What you will learn:

1) How to bridge MCAD and electrical design processes.

2) The benefits of design rule checks and data healing capabilities

3) The benefits of a programmatic process

4) The benefits of supporting a wide range of formats

5) How an efficient integration tool and the process can greatly increase your design process productivity and efficiency.

Who should attend:

Design level of experience. The tool is very easy to use but requires knowledge of the design being extracted. Technical and electrical design engineers, engineering managers, product managers, managers, etc.


Name: Codie Cobb

Title: Program Manager

Company: Zuken USA

Codie Cobb is a program manager, supporting E3.series products and helping customers eliminate waste and improve their design processes. His work focusses on assisting customers in defining solutions to overcome challenges and implementing a solution. His true passion lies in spending time with his family and traveling the world to play Pokémon competitively.


Name: Saima Ahmad

Title: Applications Engineer

Company: Zuken USA

Saima Ahmad is an applications engineer on the E3.series team. She loves to help customers find efficient ways to address their design challenges while developing strong working relationships. Outside of work, she loves to spend time with her family eating out, watching movies, and traveling.

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