Automatic Block Update with CR-8000 Design Gateway

Automatic Block Update with CR-8000 Design Gateway

Automatically create and modify pinouts of complex circuits in PCB designs

On behalf of a customer in the automotive multimedia sector, Zuken’s custom development organization has developed a solution that enables the automatic updating of the pin assignments of ICs and complex connectors in PCB designs.

The solution reads pinout lists of SoC modules and multi-pin connectors into CR-8000 Design Gateway and automatically creates all required connections, buses, and hierarchy links in the schematic. This enables a significant reduction in effort and susceptibility to errors when updating PCB designs.

In our webinar, we will present the functionality of this tool, which is also available to other customers.

What you will learn

  • Loading a Pin Assignment List
  • Creation of net connections, bus connections and sheet connectors
  • Automatic adjustment of nets
  • Automatic execution – selectively for selected blocks or for the entire design
  • Log file and undo function
  • Demo and performance evaluation

Join the session and learn from the expert

Presenter: Marcel Voges – Customer Support Engineer, Zuken GmbH
(Note this session will also run in German)

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