Improve Design Data Security Across Your Enterprise

Improve Design Data Security Across Your Enterprise


This is one pretty scary world we live in. Every day there are stories about data breaches, network hacks and even possible spying by foreign software and hardware suppliers. Every individual has become hyper-aware of the security issues revolving around their personal data. A company’s need to protect its design IP is actually more critical than an individual’s need to protect their personal data. For many companies their design IP is the basis for its competitive advantage. Some organizations need to worry about national security issues regarding ITAR content in their design data. Many larger corporations with multiple divisions have issues with tracing which internal entity “owns” the design IP. All of these issues are compounded when you consider that many design teams are spread around the globe.

Design IP

Managing the security of modern electronic design data is much more complex than simply protecting a few design data files. Specifications, design data, test results, part information, simulation models, CAD library elements, logical and physical blocks, etc. need to be taken into consideration. These data elements may exist at the project, design and functional block levels, necessitating that access rights and “ownership” be flexible enough to be established at the corporate, division, group, team and individual levels. Security requirements may dictate that certain projects or individual items be held under ITAR compliance. Design centers within a corporation can exist in different nations. Each of these nations will have different tax codes to adhere to. We are quickly coming to the realization that file system protections and company procedures are no longer sufficient.

Complexity necessitates design data management

All of these new complexities have driven the need for a set of tools created specifically for managing the IP security needs of today’s corporations. Access to projects, individual designs, supporting data and libraries can be controlled down to the individual. IP held at the functional block or board block level is under tight control. All “re-used” bits of IP are traceable throughout the design process and back to their source. The location of ITAR data can be restricted when working with global design teams. Working with third parties is secured. It is even possible for the authoring tools to remove or mask data such as part numbers, constraints, material information, etc.

IP insurance

It is essential to insure that you are taking the necessary steps to maximize your product revenue while protecting your company’s intellectual property. At Zuken, we take protecting your IP seriously, and provide serious tools to get the job done. DS-2 addresses these complex issues, so you can focus on designing your product. Join our upcoming webinar called “Improve Design Data Security Across Your Enterprise” to learn more.

Shawn Larson
Shawn Larson
Senior Technical Fellow
Shawn Larson is one of the technical leads for DS product line working primarily on data management implementations. He helps customers to get the right design data in the right place at the right time. Shawn enjoys good jazz, classic rock and all seasons in New Hampshire's White Mountains.