Tech Tip: Design Compare in DS-CR


Have you ever tried to remember what changed between revisions of a design and then had to do a painstaking review of the two designs? With the design compare functions in DS-CR, even the smallest changes or unintentional deviations between different revisions of a PCB design can be quickly identified. This is how our data management system supports active error prevention and helps improve design quality.

Each version of a circuit diagram can be compared with an earlier or later version. There are several output options to visualize in which design stage changes have been made. The Compare function works in the same way for PCB layout and BOM versions.

PCB designers can also compare the circuit diagram and PCB layout and check whether they are synchronized. Let’s say a variant was created but accidentally not transferred to the board, this can be fixed right away.

The three-point comparison in DS-CR can compare circuit diagram, layout, and parts list. You could almost call this a four-point comparison since the data is also compared with the library. This allows PCB designers to save time on administrative tasks and focus on the creative aspects of the development process.

Watch the video to see how the design compare functions works in DS-CR

Michael Fluegel
Michael Fluegel
Solution Architect
Michael Flügel works as a solution architect for electronic design. He is working closely together with customers to improve their processes using CR-8000 and DS-CR.