Tech Tip: Exporting Search Results


This brief video shows you how to export search results to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. A repeated support call topic is how to export a long list of search results, so we will cover that one, too.

In an earlier blog post, Generating Where-used Reports in DS-CR, Shawn Larson showed how to use the sophisticated DS-CR search features. Please check it out if you haven’t seen it before. It delves deep into the powerful DS-CR search capabilities.

Tom Warneke
Tom Warneke
Application Engineer for DS-2/CR/OP
Tom Warneke is an applications engineer, providing customer support for DS-CR and DS-OpenEDA applications used for Electronics Product Data Management (ePDM). His work focusses on enhancing business agility, productivity, and collaboration for electronics product design and supply chain management through ePDM integration to EDA and PLM/PDM systems. Outside of work he enjoys cycling, photography and time spent with friends and family.
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September 14, 2020
Library- und Designdaten-Management mit DS-CR

Diese Webinar gibt einen Überblick über die Verwaltung von PCB-Bibliotheksdaten, Work-in-Progress-Daten, und modularen Design-Bausteinen mit DS-CR.

PCB Bibliotheksdaten
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April 24, 2020
Working Remotely with DS – Design Data Management Tools

The world that we all live in has been changed by the Covid-19 outbreak. Stay at home orders and social distancing significantly impact the way we live our daily lives. Working remotely presents a whole new set of challenges for engineers and the companies that employ us. We now work on company supplied-laptops that typically connect back to the corporate network through a VPN.

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März 12, 2020
Zuken ist Partner des PCB Design Awards

Der Fachverband für Design, Leiterplatten- und Elektronikfertigung (FED) veranstaltet in diesem Jahr zum 5. Mal den PCB Design Award. Zuken ist auch dieses Jahr wieder stolzer Partner des Awards.

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Februar 20, 2020
Tech Tip: Managing BOMs Through the Component EOL Cycle with Zuken’s DS-CR

Electronic components are constantly changing, causing parts to go EOL (End-of-Life) for various reasons: companies go out of business, component product lines change hands, old technology is updated with new. Electronic product manufacturers must be agile to keep their product BOMs (bill of materials) up to date and keep their supply chain humming. Fortunately for them, Zuken’s DS-CR customers leverage component and design data relationships to tackle the problem.

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