Simplify MCAD Integration with E3.3DTransformer


The mechanical model often drives the electrical design for placement and wire routing. There are multiple MCAD tools used to author the 3D designs like Dassault Systemes CATIA/SolidWorks, Siemens NX, Creo, Inventor, etc. An important part of a successful electrical design process is the collaboration between electrical and mechanical design principles. Zuken’s E3.series tools have enabled this collaboration with much success.

Current challenges for MCAD Integration

Irrespective of the MCAD tool used to start a design, E3.3DRoutingBridge, and E3.HarnessFlattening are staples in establishing seamless collaboration between E3.series and your chosen MCAD tool. In a world where there is such a wide variety of tool options, deciding which tool to use is often confusing. This confusion can lead to decreased performance and errors downstream. In addition, customers have found it challenging to have to use the mechanical tools to bring the data into a usable format. The mechanical files are not all in a single space and can be riddled with inconsistencies and missing elements. These inconsistencies are often the most time-consuming part of the collaboration process. In many cases, engineers find issues late in the design process and at times set teams back weeks or even months.

E3.3DTransformer solution

Zuken is introducing E3.3DTransformer as the answer to resolve these lingering MCAD integration challenges. E3.3DTransformer offers a single tool that supports a wide variety of file formats to be the missing link between MCAD and schematics. What makes this tool so impressive is its capability to find inconsistencies in your design and allow you to correct them within E3.3DTransformer. The simplification and healing functionality for extracted harness topology, like the reduction of obsolete vertices or join of not-coherent segments, will greatly increase efficiency and project timing due to not having the back and forth conversation between MCAD and electrical.

E3.3DTransformer along with E3.3DRoutingBridge and E3.Harness Flattening makes a very versatile combo to allow mechanical and electrical engineers to work collaboratively. E3.3DTransformer offers an easy-to-use UI with quick setup time along with a light-weight and user-friendly application for transforming 3D MCAD data into a comprehensive E/E topology model.

MCAD Integration for Harness Design
Harness rendering extracted from the MCAD system
Codie Cobb
Codie Cobb
Applications Engineer, Project Manager
Codie Cobb is a Applications Engineer supporting Zuken E3.series products. Codie has a background of 6+ years in electrical harness/system design, harness manufacturing, and Supplier Quality. Although he loves to help customers eliminate waste and improve design processes, his true passion lies in spending time with his family and traveling the world to play Pokémon.