Legacy Data Management and Migration with CR-8000


In today’s global value chains, data exchange and re-reuse are vital to support collaboration and productivity. But most data formats are proprietary. Whether you need to streamline your design process across different locations, upgrade and standardize your system environment, or re-use existing legacy data – for any organization with an extensive database of ECAD legacy data, the need for data migration will eventually arise.

Converting ECAD data from different platforms such as PADS by Mentor Graphics or Altium Designer to make it compatible with the CR-8000 design environment is now faster and easier than ever.

The legacy data migration process

Data migration can be done in several different ways, via a graphic user interface or on command-level, all in one go or in individual steps, depending on the user. Essentially, the process is best described as a secure, adaptive, and integrated process without the risk of data loss. CR-8000 can not only migrate your data but also adjust it so that outdated designs are updated automatically. With our engineering support you have a team of experts by your side, every step of the way.

Ready for an upgrade?

CR-8000 checks your PCB designs for manufacturing requirements like no other software on the market. One process can cover more than 900 individual checks, which are all fully integrated into the Zuken layout tools.

Zuken’s data management solution DS-CR completes the CR-8000 engineering environment and supports the “where used functionality” for any technical object that needs to be updated. And the best thing: it doesn’t stop on part-level, it is able to locate any object with related active and archived design data. This accelerates the whole design process and makes it more reliable.

Take a look at our 2-minute video to see how easy it is. Or get in touch with a Zuken office near you to discuss your requirements.

Lilli Schuetze
Lilli Schuetze
Technical Marketing Content Author
Lilli Schuetze is a Technical Marketing Content Author, blogging about the world of electrical and electronic design. At Zuken she is responsible for a variety of different digital marketing activities, such as content creation, search engine and social media marketing. She loves spending time outdoors, hiking, camping and exploring.
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Juli 15, 2021
Evaluierungsanfrage: PCB / IC Design Software CR-8000

CR-8000 ist eine Suite von Anwendungen, die den gesamten Zyklus des PCB-Engineerings abdecken: von der Architekturplanung über das Engineering auf Systemebene und die Optimierung bis hin zur physikalischen Implementierung in 2D/3D und der Datenaufbereitung für die Fertigung. CR-8000 umfasst die Module Design Force und Design Gateway sowie weitere spezifische Module.

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CR-8000 Release 2021 - Neue Funktionen

Version 2021 von CR-8000 bietet mehr als 150 Verbesserungen in der gesamten Software-Suite, angefangen bei der Architekturplanung, über den Aufbau und die Verifikation von Systemschaltplänen, 3D-Multi-Board- und Advanced-Packaging-Layout bis hin zur gezielten Aufbereitung von Fertigungsausgaben

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CR-8000 Release 2021

CR-8000 von Zuken erweitert PCB-Design auf Systemebene durch Verbesserungen bei Analogsimulation, SI-Analyse und intelligentem Layout und Routing

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CR-8000 von Zuken erweitert PCB-Design auf Systemebene durch Verbesserungen bei Analogsimulation, SI-Analyse und intelligentem Layout und Routing
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