Generating Where-used Reports in DS-CR

Tech Tip: Generating Where-used Reports in DS-CR (formerly known as DS-2)


One of the more powerful capabilities of a good data management system such as DS-CR (formerly known as DS-2) is searching and the ability to generate reports. A great example is the ability to generate Where-used information. These types of reports are extremely useful when performing impact assessments where:

  • There are procurement issues with a part and you need to know what designs will be impacted.
  • The assembly house is recommending that a footprint be modified to improve yield. What parts and designs are affected?
  • Etc…..

The ability to perform relationship searches in DS-CR is the key to obtaining and reporting this type of information. DS-CR has many relationships between the data objects that it manages. Some interesting key relationships are:

  • Between a footprint and its part number
  • Between a DS-CR BOM and its schematic and board
  • Between a part placed in a design, its footprint and a DS-CR BOM

It is relationships such as this that allow you create relationship searches that can produce very useful and detailed where-used reports.

Shawn Larson
Shawn Larson
Senior Technical Fellow
Shawn Larson is one of the technical leads for DS product line working primarily on data management implementations. He helps customers to get the right design data in the right place at the right time. Shawn enjoys good jazz, classic rock and all seasons in New Hampshire's White Mountains.