Zuken Announces Addition of GENESYS MBSE Technology to its Electrical and Electronic Product and Solutions Portfolio

Model-based systems engineering adds a vital element to Zuken’s Digital Engineering Strategy 

Munich, Germany, March 4, 2021 — Following the acquisition of the US based MBSE specialist Vitech Corporation and the formation of Zuken Vitech in 2019, Zuken has now officially added Zuken Vitech’s GENESYS MBSE 2.0 technology into its European sales and service portfolio. The GENESYS MBSE 2.0 tools and solutions can now be acquired through Zuken’s global sales network; existing global Vitech customers have access to Zuken’s worldwide service and consulting network.

Founded in 1992 by David Long, Zuken Vitech is dedicated to the development and application of innovative engineering and business process systems approaches to solve the challenges of designing integrated systems. GENESYS is a modern integrated, model-based system engineering software tool which incorporates the key components of building a system: people, processes, data, and documentation.

“In a market that is experiencing accelerating dynamic due to the digital transformation of products and processes, the methodology of model-based systems engineering is rapidly gaining in importance”, comments Oliver Hechtl, Head of Data Management and Integration, Zuken Europe. “Leading edge MBSE tools like GENESYS allow innovative approaches to systems, processes and products to be modelled, analyzed and documented up-front before committing to implementation. This documentation can be used as a ‘living’ reference for all decisions throughout the product lifecycle.”

Vitech GENESYS is an integrated, model-based systems engineering software that covers all four domains of systems engineering — requirements, behavior, architecture, and verification — holding all the information in the tool itself to support complex engineering projects. GENESYS has been designed specifically for collaborative teamwork to providing a live repository for all product related decisions across the product lifecycle.

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