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February 26, 2019
Zuken to Acquire Vitech Corporation
Press Release, Vitech
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November 20, 2018
CADENAS libraries for E3.series
Press Release, Zuken Component Cloud for E3.series, Control Quality Through Automation and Verification, Manufacturing and Service Documentation
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October 17, 2018
E3.series for all-electric aircraft research initiative
Press Release, Wire Harness Engineering, Ensure Your Business Responsiveness, by Emerging Technologies, Manufacturing and Service Documentation
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August 21, 2018
Polar Speedstack PCB Stackup Interface
Press Release, Design Force, DFM Center, Design Force Advanced Packaging
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July 24, 2018
E3.series 2018 addresses complexity challenge
Press Release, E3.panel, DS-E3, E3.fluid, E3.formboard, E3.cable
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July 11, 2018
CR-8000 2018 Boosts Process Efficiency
Press Release, Design Gateway, Design Force, Chip-Package-Board Co-Design, DFM Center
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June 20, 2018
E3.Harness Analyzer for barrier-free collaboration
Press Release, E3.HarnessAnalyzer, Automotive, Wire Harness Engineering
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April 26, 2018
New CADSTAR Distributor in Italy
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February 22, 2018
XJTAG DFT Assistant for CR-8000 Design Gateway
Press Release, CR-8000, System Architecture Design, Programmable Logic
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December 13, 2017
SamacSys parts libraries for CR-8000
Press Release, Component Editor
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November 15, 2017
CADSTAR - 3D PCB Design Included Free
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October 12, 2017
Industry Report: Design Data Management in E/E Engineering
Press Release, DS-CR, DS-E3, ERP/PLM Integration, Multi-disciplinary collaboration, Product and process complexity, Control Quality Through Automation and Verification, Product Development Process Reengineering, Reduce Your Total Product Cost
  • Press Release
July 27, 2017
E3.series 2017- productivity and integration
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July 12, 2017
CR-8000 2017 Accelerates Design Convergence
Press Release, DS-CR
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June 22, 2017
CADSTAR 18 - Communication and High-speed Design
Press Release
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May 18, 2017
Data and Workflow Management for Increased Productivity
Press Release, DS-E3, ERP/PLM Integration, Increase Productivity