Zuken releases pre-configured solution for the management of electrical and fluid projects

The DS-E3 StarterPackage for E3.series enables an easy entry into the world of design data management

Munich, April 1, 2021 — With the DS-E3 StarterPackage, Zuken introduces a preconfigured feature set of its DS-E3 data management software, specifically designed to manage E3.series projects. The solution has been designed to provide an easy entry into a controlled and user-friendly design data management practice with a single source of data, secure version control and defined access rights. Thanks to a direct integration into the E3.series electrical and fluid design tools, engineers can share and manage data without having to leave their familiar CAD application.

“Managing project data on a file system is often cumbersome and error-prone. This is exactly where the DS-E3 StarterPackage takes over by taking design data management to the next level“, comments Tobias Martin, Operations Manager, Zuken Switzerland. „Through a standardized installation procedure and a hands-on training concept, we were able to reduce the effort for the introduction to a minimum. With this combination, users can get a perfect start into data management with DS-E3.“

The DS-E3 StarterPackage includes functionalities for the automatic versioning and reuse of projects, thereby providing access to the complete project history. Any design revision can be used as a starting point for a new design. Pre-defined environments ensure that users always use the correct settings, project structure and database. Extended search capabilities using a variety of characteristics, such as customer or project number, help to save time on administrative work, which can then be used for product development tasks. And finally, the solution is complemented with a defined release process for active error prevention.

Thanks to its modular and flexible architecture, the DS-E3 StarterPackage can be flexibly expanded and adapted as requirements increase.


The DS-3 StarterPackage is currently available in Europe only.